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    The critical part of SEO is to have the right SEO mindset, and attain pointers that can assist in succeeding when it comes to free search engine traffic. I will lay out 3 important SEO mindset basics based on my experience, that many people can overlook or get wrong.

    1.) Submitting your site to many Search Engines

    In getting search engine traffic the most obvious thing to do would be to submit a site to many; or as many search engines as humanly possible. The fact of the matter is that you do not need to submit your site to any search engines at all. Spending time on other activities such as building internal & external links that will point to or within your website pages. Another activity would be writing good content for your site, such as seen in article marketing. In addition, you can submit to social bookmarking sites or article directories that will get more traffic. What this will end up doing is getting the search engines to indirectly index your and as a side effect rank you high with the possibility of much more search engine traffic coming.

    2.) Rush to get High PR but Not Search Engine Traffic

    Many are excited to get High PR, but the reality is that PR is not equivalent to search engine traffic at all. If you have a high PR site but are not targeting to a right set of keywords for seo, you will not get get the expectations you want in terms of search engine traffic. Therefore, a right seo mindset for PR is developed from people linking to your site. If web pages with a PR5 link to you, you should be able to get a PR4. And this is all that it means. A high PR page will get indexed more regularly than sites below but that is the only true benefit from high PR, thus not meaning you will get more search engine traffic to your site.

    One of the best ways to get high search engine traffic is to forget about high PR as it will come slowly once you add links that point to your site. Focusing in on writing more articles, and posting valuable unique content to your blog daily with a low competition long tail keyword will have the search engines satisfied; or in other words search engines love this and will rank you a higher position.

    PR 101- What PR signifies is Page Rank, and this is what Google and other search engines generally apply to each page on the web. Search Engines such as Google also apply a score between 0 and 10 to PR (page rank). Thus, new pages will typically have a page rank of 0. On a yearly basis, search engines update page rank approximately 4 times.

    3.) Not needing SEO, already ranked high For My Name

    Many people consider that having a specific phrase ranked high in the search engine is enough to not need SEO. For example; “Breaking the bank with Billy”. Being ranked high for specific phrases is a good thing but the fact is that the number of people searching for this specific phrase is extremely low, if any. This is why it is wise to do SEO, and to aim for much more common phrases, such as “making money online fast”, since this would be a higher aim for searchers online.

    Overall, the heart of SEO is (or should be) to target keyword phrases that have lower competition. It is possible to rank high without high PR by building more internal & external links to your pages and by daily updating blog or website content. By doing this you can easily get a faster index and rank higher.

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    According to me these are the basics of SEO.
    1) Keyword optimization.
    2) High quality contents.
    3) Linkbuilding methods to different sites.
    4) Article and directory submission.
    5) Blog posting.

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    First of all, you have to do on-page then off-page, mainly you have to do link building here if the competition is too high....

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    There are many tips & techniques of SEO but I think these are the most important & essential:

    Create a sitemap
    Page Title should spark interest
    Unique Title & Meta Tags
    Get High Authority Links
    Stop Keyword Stuffing
    Avoid Duplicate Content
    Use of Alt & Title Attributes
    Say NO to JS / Flash navigation
    Content Quantity
    Content Quality

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