Instead of saying it as an experience of watching a movie, I would rather say it as an experience of reading a poetic novel. The story is just an one liner. It is all about how a man from village, who is an illiterate touches the life of many people living in a posch apartment, without knowing the people living next door.

Mike Philippose (Mammotty) is an uneducated, loud speaking person, who comes to the city as a kidney donor to Anand Menon, who is a retired astrophysicist living in an lonely apartment after returning from his 46 years of service in USA. These two people from two opposite extremes of life, lives together for a while in the apartment, until the operation date. Though his name is Philippose, everyone calls him as Mike, due to the loud speaking nature and he rocks with his wit throughout the movie. He is one person who may die if not allowed to speak, where as Menon is a person who loves to spend time silently for hours together.

The entire movie revolves around these two people, with few others in the apartment, where the silent man Menon changes slowly when he comes to know about the sad story of Mike, who still keeps smiling and make others smile. Menon then shares his past with Mike. He ran away from home, after loving his co-sister in an young age, without knowing that she is a sister to him. The girl commits suicide to save his name and in utter shock, he left his village long before. Mike understood Menon's longing to see his relatives and village, but lacks confidence to face all. Mike reconnects all of them. The movie moves like a poem, with lots of beautiful sceneries, with a good and touching end.


1. Mike's and Menon's character
2. Photography
3. Good supporting characters and the way all merged in the script without any "Hanging around" here and there.


1. Every night Showing the roads and buses to prove it as a hectic city life.
2. Few characters like Jagathy, Harisree Ashokan are just like coming and going without much reasons, except that they are merged well in the script, but of no use.

A very good movie for those who love to watch a family oriented, novel type, poetic but with no bad ending