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Thread: Celebrating the 64 th of Independence Day (Part II)

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    Post Celebrating the 64 th of Independence Day (Part II)

    Hi Folks ! I am very eager to write something of about our country and secondly thanks to all my readers and friends who had appreciated my first part and I got enthusiasts to write some more of about my country.

    The first part was the lacking material and hence we are there to develop in all such areas i.e in education, employment, Foods and medicines and et al.

    But our country is very rich in its values, cultures, traditions and different types of festivals and not to say of Indian Foods i.e. tantalizing Paav Bhaji, Chatpati Pani Puri , Chaat, Paneer Masala and all Gujrathi Thalis Which are very nutritious and hygenic as compared to Fast food Like Pizza's, Hamp Burger, HotDog, and et al.

    We give respect to our parents and our Indian Clothes not to say esp of women i.e (Indian Sarees, Chania Choli, Salwaar Kammez) and a small bindi on the forehead. I remeber a song of Pardes "Dulhan ke Maathe pe Bindiya, yeh hai mera India), as compred to T shirts and tied jeans.

    We worship God and Goddess and come toghther in our feast, I remember the Navratri (Garba of Falguni Pathak) and Diwali festivals (festivals of lights) as compared to the New Year Night which is full of vulgar dances and alchols.

    We Indians does not treat animals as animals, we give respect and worship them. I remeber the movie of PARDES where the cobra comes in their house and the NRI hero of that film starts defending himself. No sooner when the actress saw , she joined her hands and bow in front of cobra and cobra finally slowly disappeared. So, to say we respect animals and love them.This kindness and humbleness is not there in foreigners.

    We are more emotional and we are ever there for others to help without the intention of getting returns from them. Our Indians are full of Qualities of (Politeness, Humbleness, Sincereness, Sweetness, Seriousness, Energiness, Courageneous,) we are full of qualities, but foreigners are full in Quantitiness and not Qualitiness.

    Last but not the least, We does the work from our heart and foreigners does the work with mind.

    So Jaihind and Jaibharat.
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    Thank you Kfsahiwala for highlighting the goodness of India and Indians...

    As we are in the 64th year of Indian Independence, I would like to provide a link of an old thread where you can find the different views of our members on India. These are entries to the contest held by Digital Bhoomi last year. Those who have missed to read the entries may read them through the given link...

    Thank you.

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    hey dude supb.
    I M LOVING IT :-)

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