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Thread: Madrasapattinam – Movie Review

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    Default Madrasapattinam – Movie Review

    Most of the movie happens in the year 1947, the year of Indian Independence in the then 'Madras'. The last British governor's (of Madras presidency ) daughter (Amy) falls in love with the local washer man ‘Parithi’ (Arya). Her step mother and dad however force her to get engaged with one of the British soldier. On the day of Independence Amy runs away to Parithi and with the help of his friends and community fight with Amy's dad and her fiance and their men. However Amy in order to save Arya’s life lets him go and returns back to her country.

    Cut to the present, the 80 year old Amy chooses to visit the now Chennai in search of Parithi. After a lot of struggle and interesting encounters she sees Arya in a place where she never expected and in a light she never could have imagined.

    The entire movie is told in a flash back and present Madras scene bringing out changes in the city, the people and Amy’s life.

    The director deserves a loud applause for bringing in essence the beauty of the 1940’s Madras. And that is not only in the settings, properties, costumes, visuals but also in the depiction of the now Couvam River.

    Amy Jackson rules the show with her beauty, dialogue delivery and performance. Arya suits the role to a‘t’. The role of a translator by Late.Haniffa is outstanding in comedy and acting. In the last scene when Amy is deepened in emotions she does not speak pages of tamil dialogues but a word or two in English –Neat & real. What really makes Amy not come back to India before ,remains a question .

    Music by GV Prakash stands supportive but nothing memorable except for the nice BGM song that runs through the movie.

    For once a tamil period movie is not exaggerating circumstances or people. It is a little bit of Lagaan , Titanic and Nanodi thendral . But the packaging is so good that it is definitely worth a watch.Good one !
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    Default Madarasapatnam-Movie Review.

    A very good review Sowmya.
    Now I am dying to know how exactly Amy found the lover I mean in what state of mind and wish you had disclosed it! Now I have wait for my trip to Chennai to find out. Only selected vernacular C D s are available here.

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    Wonderful movie in recent days. My special salute to Art director. Sad to see the changes in Koovam because of us.

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