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Thread: Need a Credit Card

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    Default Need a Credit Card

    I want to have my own credit card . I have a bank account i SBI, so can any body tell whats the procedure to have one

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    Default Credit card.

    Credit is an agreement between a lending organization — be it a bank, a store, a credit card company, or others — and a borrower, namely you. That agreement puts money in your hand, in your bank, or on a credit card, for your use. The terms of repayment, including interest charges, are usually set up front.
    Three Types of Credit
    Type 1: Personal Loans
    Type 2: Lines of Credit
    Type 3: Credit Cards

    For more information regarding banks visit website.

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    You only need to go to the bank they will explain you all the procedure...

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    1. Look for the benefits card(s) that will pay you the most for your regular costs (I'll describe how in a second)
    2. Route most/all of your regular costs through your benefits card(s) without max'ing them out
    3. Always pay your per month stability off in complete and on time.

    That way you'll:
    1. Develop your credit ratings easily (based on accountable using your collections of credit)
    2. Prevent attention and fees
    3. Generate excellent rewards

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    Yes.You need to go to the bank and ask them about the credit card they will surely provide you all the information.I just applied credit card with axis bank as i got information that they are providing the the best offers on credit cards.

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    Applying for a credit card offline will improve the chances of getting approval, online applications are often denied.

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    You may call the SBI agent or you may even apply for your credit cards online by visiting SBI's Online Credit Card Apply website:

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    Nowdays applying for credit card has become so easy, you can apply online from the bank's website or you can call credit card agent. Below is the list of indian banks who provides credits cards with a best credit limit.
    1. SBI bank
    2. HDFC bank
    3. Indusind bank
    4. Axis Bank
    5. Citibank and many more

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    To get a new credit card you first need to check your credit score as you need to have a score of 750+. IF you are applying for the first time the chances of rejection will be high due to no credit score.

    So would advise you to be aware of your credit score and then apply. IF you are a NH customer check with the bank if they issue an unsecured credit card otherwise enquiry will hit on your report.

    You can get a free credit report by visiting

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    You will need the following requirements to apply for a credit card:

    1. Good Credit Score
    2. Bank Statement
    3. Salary Slip
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