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    Evidam Swargamanu, which means "This place is Heaven" is a story about an ordinary farmer, who loves his farm and father, his struggle to get his life back in his own world "Farm", which was shaken and shatter by a land mafia king, with all political powers.

    Mathew (Mohanlal) is an owner of a Farm, filled with cattles, trees, plants, vegetables and beauty everywhere. The farm was a dream of his father Jermias (Thilakan), which he couldn't achieve, but was achieved by his son Mathew. The family was so content and happy with their life.

    The trouble starts when Aluva Chandi (Lalu Alex), a land mafia king, wanted to buy the farm, as it is in the bank of river Periyar and a rich person from Mumbai is willing to buy Aluva Chandi's land next to Mathew's farm, only if he can get Mathew's farm also. When Mathew refuses to sell the farm, Chandi starts playing all foul games to give pressure to Mathew and the family. Chandi buys all the lands of the villagers except Mathew, by his false promotion of making the village into a "Township". He turns the entire village against Mathew saying because of him, the township is delayed as he is not ready to sell the land.

    Chandi makes the situation worst and worst for Mathew, leading even to Jermias arrest situation. After the extreme level of patience, Mathew decides to tackle the issue with the same type of foul game with Chandi. To cut the diamond with diamond, Mathew plans to catch Chandi and his group with his advocate friend Sunitha (Lakshmi Rai). How he plays the same side goal along with Chandi and how he get Chandi and his troop into the trap forms the rest of the movie.


    1. All the actors, from small role to the heavy role, played their part very well. Maria (Lakshmi Gopalaswamy), Adv Prabhalan (Sreenivasan), Bhuvanendran (Jagathy Sreekumar), Kaimal Divakar (Innocent), Sudheer (Shankar) were all blent very well in the movie.

    2. The strong way of showing the reality of land mafia gangs and how extreme they drive the life of ordinary people, to snatch their lands.

    3. The scenes of the real government office, where the money plays the essential roles, to change and replace documents to spoil ones life. I was literally shocked by the scenes where Jagathy creates fake promisory notes, and the techniques he uses to turn them to look like 20 or 30 years old, and the technique of using pen with ink having the mix of banana mashi (the liquid obtained from a banana plant) to make the writings in the promisory note to look aged. He challenges that even GOD cannot prove this as a fake document. GOD save poor people.

    4. The camera showing the beauty of Mathew's farm land.


    1. Is Aluva Chandi, a mafia king that stupid, not able to smell the trap, set by Mathew (of course the trap is good in a way that no one can suspect at the beginning, but still I felt it little light in few scenes, where one can find the loop holes).

    But, these weakness are too weak to count in. So, the movie gets an "Excellent A Grade" from me

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    The plot seems to be an old one of land grabbing by the rich and the crushing of the poor. Good review by you Meetu without breaking the suspense...keeping us wondering what strategy Mathew had used to trap the villain.

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