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    How many times you tried to locate your luggage in the conveyor belt and fooled by similar looking bags?! KLM has a free feature, you can get free luggage bags if you live in India.

    click the above link and create your personalized tags, there are only 36,000 tags available now. see the samples below.

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    There has been a solution to this, you can just make a mark or something like that which will help you identify your bag among the others. Though, it is not considered to be a good one to resort to always. You can just think about checking out the badge attached to it this will be of a very good effect.

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    I think that attaching a tag to the luggage that will fit perfectly inside the luggage outer layer is something that will be of a very good benefit. This will also save you from picking up the wrong bag.

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    Attaching a luggage tag to my luggage has always been quite beneficial for me in all my ventures as this just makes it to be a very good thing to have some good benefits in the long run. After all not misplacing the luggages is indeed a feat to be achieved for a person who does travel on a regular bases.

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    This happens with many of passengers. But try to manage your lagguage.

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