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    Thumbs up Taken - Movie Review

    I got a chance to watch this fantastic thriller in the flight. I was tied to my seat for the entire length of the movie. This movie is an extremely intelligent action packed adventure movie that takes you on a wild ride and leaves you breathless.

    Liam Neeson retired from his CIA job. When his 17-year old daughter Maggie Grace visits Paris on vacation, she was kidnapped by albanians. Liam uses all his connections, guts and skills to turn Paris upside down to rescue his only daughter. the movie really kept me on edge all the time. If you love action movies, especially the action thriller, you will love this movie. It's not only the action thriller, the movie is totally believable. There is no Rajini magically flying or vijaykanth phews many villains or someone gets rich in one song.

    One thing about this movie is it can happen to anyone. Paris gang kidnaps young tourists and sell them to rich sheikhs. sounds familiar? this happens in Mumbai too, where young and innocent Nepalis, poor Indian teenagers are lured by crooks for easy money; these teenagers in turn get sold to old sheikhs or to some 50+ guys for money. We need more Liam Neesons to stop these kind of atrocities.

    This movie is a great action thriller by any measure. Try to watch it. Pay attention to the fight sequences. You will be amazed how these sequences are real, fast and brutal. I want to watch this movie one more time!

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    Interesting storyline..

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    Very good movie. Value for money. It has a very good story and keeps you on the edge of your seat. The movie starts well and constantly move up.

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    seems like a interesting movie, thanks for the review, now I have to watch it.

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    Very fun flick, worth of money and time. It has very good story and strong plot, it is one the best action crime that I have seen in this year. Guns, car crash, fight scenes, stunts all are just perfect and very enjoyable.

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