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Thread: Milk Abhishekam...!!!

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    Angry Milk Abhishekam...!!!

    Another much hyped movie of Rajinikanth and Shankar, Enthiran is about to be onscreen next week...

    No doubt Cinema is an entertainment to and poor, young and old, male and female... alike. But is it necessary to give so much hype for a movie? There were days when movies used to celebrate Silver jubilee, Golden Jubilee and Platinum Jubilee...The movies celebrated the run of a movie for 25 weeks, 50 weeks and 100 days and so on.

    Today, the posters boast of a movie even when it is in the theaters for only 25 days (and that too we do not know the number of viewers...whether the house was at least half filled or not).

    House full shows and people returning without getting their tickets, booking for a show well in advance,are all features of the past.

    The most pathetic thing about mad fans is they celebrate their idol's film release by doing abhishekam of milk (pouring/bathing the cut out with milk) on the actor's cut out...It would be very welcome and much appreciated if they donate/distribute this milk or even food or rice to the needy on the day of the release of a film of their matinee idol.

    Fans must realize that they stand where they are, gaping with their mouths open at these actors who manage to keep romancing with young girls even in their 6os while the actors whom they idolize go far above them, unreachable in status and quite secured for themselves as well as their off springs.

    When will these mad fan following of supreme stars mend their ways and instead be more concerned of their own families?
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    Chellamaa, I too really wonder, how these fans are able to behave so stupid. Leave the illiterate people aside. Even those high-fi educated people behave like this. When I were in USA, got a chance to watch some Surya movie in theater (I don't remember the movie name, but it was one of the stupid movies which Surya selected wrongly to act as a gunda). I was shocked to see our super duper S/W engineers shouting and dancing.

    Due to that reason, during the release of any Indian movies, no other language movies are released in the same block of theaters as the collection goes so low, as no other country people likes to visit theaters at that time.

    Regarding, the wasting of milk, our people are so cruel that they would waste any precious items for their own sake and happiness, instead of giving it to needy people. Do you remember how the Siva Sena team spilled lakhs and lakhs of liters of milk in the streets of Mumbai? They show case themselves as protectors of poor people and Indian culture. Hell.

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    In a state, that has fans building temples for actresses, this does not surprise me Jayashree! If people had not done this, I would have been surprised!

    Talking of fan clubs in TN, I am quite shocked at the attitude of the so called FANS! What logic does it make in wasting thousands of litres of milk on one side, and on the other side, clap and whistle, while your so called THALAIVAR, talks of eradicating poverty and helps the poor in the movies?? The fans afterall, come from poor familes, most of them, rickshaw pullers, daily wage earners, on top of it, spend thousands of rupees in such illogical celebrations!

    I agree, movies are entertainment and its the only media, that entertains, every strata of the society but I am sorry, I find it really impractical to bathe your thalaivar's cut out with milk! Though there are fan clubs, that do involve in social work, these kind of illogical practices fade away the good things they do!

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    The fans afterall, come from poor familes, most of them, rickshaw pullers, daily wage earners, on top of it, spend thousands of rupees in such illogical celebrations!
    Very true Roopa. It is a pity that they do not realize how they are being exploited by selfish politicians and media personalities and celebrities. This may be due to their illiterate condition. They need to be educated about how they should be more concerned about their own families and about educating their children rather than spending their time, money and energy on such useless activities.

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