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    The entire movie is a flash back, which starts with Jayakrishna (Dileep), son of a school teachers who has a different way of thinking right from his childhood. It continues even when he grew. He hates people, who fears for anything and everything. He admires those who shows heroism (or Gundaism) and likes to move along with them as their bodyguard. He comes across a person called Ashokettan (Thiyagarajan), whom he admires for his bravery and wish to join as his bodyguard. Though didn't like to have a bodyguard, Ashokettan agrees later as Jayakrishna came with a recommendation from a person whom he cannot say a NO. Within few days, Ashokettan and family was attacked by one of his enemies and Jayakrishna saves them all. This makes Jayakrishna's post as permanent.

    Later, Jayakrishna was asked by Ashokettan to join the college as student, where Ashokettan's daughter Ammu (Nayantara) and her friend Sethulakshmi (Mithra Kurian), daughter of Ashokettan's secretary was studying, just to continue as Ammu's bodyguard there. The fun starts there. Jayakrishna always follow Ammu and this irritates her and her friends. So, to escape Jayakrishna, Ammu uses a plan given by one of her friend. She tries to distract him with a love call. She calls him from a Caller ID restricted phone and talks romantically. Though not interested in the beginning, Jayakrishna slowly falls for that unknown girl. Later when Ammu learns the real good nature of Jayakrishna and his respect towards her and her family, she too started loving him, despite of her engagement happened already to some one in London.

    Ammu fears that Jayakrishna may reject her, if he comes to know that she was the girl, loving him through phone, as he respects her family and her dad more than anything. So, she asks for a promise from Jayakrishna that he should not reject her, when she comes before him. She asks Jayakrishna to elope with her, and asks him to meet her in the railway station in the evening of their last day of the college. But before she gets there, she was caught by her father. So, to save Jayakrishna, she sends her friend Sethulakshmi to convey the message that "Ammu was the one who called him so far and she wants Jayakrishna to wait for a while and she will never marry any one else".

    But the story takes a turn at the end, where Ammu's friend Sethulakshmi couldn't say a NO to the emotional Jayakrishna and continues with him as the girl who called him all those days. Though she lived happily with Jayakrishna, she dies because of sickness. She left a diary for her son (Smelling the movie, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai?"), from which the 8 or 9 years old boy learns all these old happenings. Jayakrishna was invited by Ashokettan, where he founds Ammu as unmarried. Jayakrishna's son requests her to join them as his mother and Ashokettan accepts it, as he knows her daughter's wish. Though hesitated first, Jayakrishna takes her along with him.

    In the railway station, Jayakrishna's son trashes the diary, as per his mother's wish that it should not be read by his dad at anytime. But Jayakrishna sees this and takes back the diary without his son's knowledge and learns all the truth. The train journey continues with all the three (Jayakrishna, Ammu and Jayakrishna's son) travelling together as one family.


    I didn't want to reveal the climax actually, so that the reader would like to watch the movie. But then, I really wanted to discuss few things about the movie here. So, just broke the secret.

    The only strength of the movie is the commedy. Dileep is well known for his commical characters and he did justice for his job. The scences of the college days are all real good with full of fun dialogues to laugh aloud. Dileep's expression as bodyguard and his body language were all so good and a great applause to Dileep for that.

    But there are lots of loop holes throughout the movie.

    1. How come in all the movies, wife of the hero dies of sickness, if she is not the lady whom he loved or if she is not the main lead character? Bodyguard is no exception from Kuch kuch hota hai, where Rani Mukhrjee dies to unite Sharukhan with Kajol.

    2. How come all the lead characters (the lover of the hero) waits till the return of the hero after the death of his wife? Nayantara is no exception from Kajol in that same movie Kuch kuch hota hai. In that Hindi movie, it was never shown why Kajol didn't marry anyone till that time, where Rani Mukharjee's daughter reads her mother's letter left for her and comes in search of Kajol and no reason why Kajol accepted to marry Salman khan after so many years, just before the return of Sharukhan. Similarly, no reason was shown about how Nayantara escapes from her marriage, which was already fixed and how she convinced her father and family to stop her marriage.

    3. How come all those 7/8 years old kids read their mothers diary and understand the love feelings they expressed in writing? Because, at my age of 7 or 8, I was not even able to understand those romantic feelings, even by seeing the movies and pictures. Am I that stupid or are the kids now a days are so knowledged?

    4. How come Jayakrishna's son got the diary of his mother who died when he was so young (like 2 or 3 years old) without his father's knowledge?

    I got lots of "How Come" questions.

    But frankly, I have to accept the truth, that I had a good laugh watching this movie. No vulgar scenes, no dress less dances. Pure commedy, with little sentiments in the climax, which ends "Subham" as per the written law of Indian Cine Field.

    So, if you keep aside your logical thinking for a while, then this movie gives you a guarantee to relax and laugh.
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    Few other "How Comes" which I remembered now.

    5. How come all mothers leave a note to their kids, thinking they will fulfill their wishes? Or why they leave note, if they don't want anyone to know it in future after their demisal?

    6. How come all the heros able to replace their wives whom they loved for years, from their heart in a moment, when they find the truth that the other gal was the one they loved before marrying the wife?

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