Ok...let's get a bit holistic on issues like Money, Security, Future, Lifetyle & Prosperity. Ask yourself a few relevant questions:

1) Do you've a profitable "passive income"?

2) Are you financially free?

3) If you become jobless can you sustain yourself (& your family) for several years?

4) Do you feel suffocated with a tight-budgeted lifestyle?

4) What's your attitude towards your job?
  • It's my passion.
  • I've to do it for the sake of livelihood & family, whether I like it or not (crores of people are in this category)

5) Don't you've any dreams about yourself that you want to see fulfilled?

6) Are you unable to realise your dreams coz you lack money?

7) Do you've just a "life"? How about a "lifestyle"?

Unfortunately, few people are conscious of the things raised in these questions. THAT'S A FACT!

Why? Coz they all are SLAVES OF JOBS!
There idea of real money is - Active Income (aka salary).
Little do we realise the short-sightedness inherent in running after "active income".

The most important question is the 1st one - about "passive income".
Very few have it!

Running after part-time online/offline jobs like - Data-entry, Survey filling, Ad posting, etc. - is NOT the answer to the above questions.