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Thread: Simple life - Successful life.

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    Post Simple life - Successful life.

    One has to lead a simple life. Simple in the sense of living. One has to see its circumstances and status and accordingly live his life. For e.g. not spending extravagant amount on any expenses. Everybody tends to be showy, arrogant to others. They forget their ownself and their status and repent afterwards in terms of debts and wrong decisions.

    One of my friends wanted his wedding to be celebrate in a big scale. He strived very hard to save money for his marriage purpose at the costs of his life. He could not compromise as he want to show his prestigiousness to others by throwing a big party at his wedding. People tends to become very formal and thus life becomes very complex.

    People live their life for others they always think of others. They feel guilty and ashamed for others. They do not want to do any thing which they feel that it would be wrong to others. Others have come to play in our life so much that we have lost our own identity and influence by others. The tag of others should be removed from our self unless and until it is for good cause and does not give harm to others.

    I was very much influenced by the movie AGNEESAKSHI cast Jackie Shroff, Manisha Koirla and Nana Patekar. Where Nana Patekar Objects his wife not to call anyone at her birthday when he is there. He said that there is no use of others . People will come and go but no one comes at our rescue. It is true that people will come for two days in demise and console us and disappeared.

    Live your life in your own ways without taking attention of others. It is good saying that everyboby will come in hay days and no one would be their in our sorrow.

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    kfsahiwala, As usual you have come out with very meaningful thoughts. It is true that most of the time we live for others and lose our own desires, interests, dream and objective and finally our identity in the process.

    In my school days and college days, I used to be very scared to even talk to people. I used to be worried what would "others" think if I dress this way or if I spoke this way etc. Only as I grew up, I understood that my own interests and comforts matter more than my worry over others' thoughts about me.

    This change also did not take place overnight, but the change was gradual and today I feel more confident about myself and know what I want and that I should not lose my individuality just to please "others".

    Regarding your friend's saving for his grand wedding:

    Celebrating occasions is something personal and we have no right to say that a person should not celebrate in a grand manner or a simple manner. Affordability and desires of the person or persons concerned only matter.

    Even if he wants to take a loan and celebrate it grandly, we cannot ask him to do otherwise because repaying is also his headache. If he is very close, we can suggest ways to be more economical etc. Otherwise why should we comment on his act and attitude?

    Laugh and the world laughs with you...Cry and you cry alone...That is how the world is always.

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    I am happy for Db for having such thoughtful friends.
    Ksahiwala, again you are right in your point of view.
    I put in different words, people actually don't live for others, but tell me, who do not like the appreciation and flattery. Its just for this attention, that people think about what others think or speak , etc

    But, I think in different way. Hardly it does matter to me what my friends think or speak about me. Because they were not with me in my tough times, I believed in myself in difficult times, because of which I came out of the same. Again I am very confident about myself and happy for myself.

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    I beg to differ in some concepts in this topic, A simple life may be a happy life but may not always be a succesful life! Happiness differs from person to person, Celebrating happiness also differs from person to person.

    In a family of 3, My daughter is happy if she gets a toffee, I am happy if my hubby appreciates my cooking, My hubby is happy if he's able to watch a cricket match non stop. So defining happiness or generalising happiness is very tough. I am a kind of a person, who would love to share my happiness with everyone around. I can certainly not celebrate my birthday only with my hubby around. I know, he means the most, but I also have some more people who have all the rights to be a part of my happiness.

    Same stands valid for celebrations also. People save for years together to celebrate their weddings, Go for that most dreamt holiday destination, Save for years to buy that most valuable jewellery, If my dad had conducted my wedding as a close knit family affair, the society would have named him a MISER, He wanted to make it a gala affair, people eat their tummy full and back bite, that it was a SHOW OFF. In either way, people are not gonna be satisfied. So, Follow what you want to do. Do whatever brings happiness to you!

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    Happiness lies in the hands of a person, who knows his value and limit and live accordingly.

    Tata or Birla can send their kid to moon for vacation. But for me, I am capable of taking my son to nearest beach resort. I know my limit. So, I am happy.

    Some people will have enough money, but won't spend even a penny, thinking it is unnecessary. They just lock the money and don't enjoy life.

    Some people won't have money, but they borrow loans and enjoy, later suffer.

    Those who know their limit and enjoy within that are the real achievers.

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