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    Default Toot your horns

    Young men and women, please do listen,
    Youth is listless, ever in a hurry,
    Stored within many a talent, yet not used.
    Stressed and strained, with scary heart.

    A Cod that lays million eggs and more,
    At a time, in the middle of the ocean.
    No one knows, nor do we care...
    Needless to say, its the fact.

    The hen atop, that sit on my roof.
    clucks and cackles, all day long,
    Drumming its intent, to lay an egg,
    Driving the point, that its about to deliver.

    Dreams alone, do not suffice.In life,
    Destination needs lot more skills.
    Acquire them as much as you can,
    Announce them as like the hen.

    And the world will notice.
    Surely it is all, that matters

    'Toot your horns,it pays you to advertise..
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