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    Shalini Sharma

    Question Getting into B-School

    I wonder if anyone has any light to shed on my situation. I graduated with a 3.9 from UPenn ten years ago with a major in Psychology/English/Biochemistry. I worked as an actor after graduating and did off broadway before moving to Los angeles to go to USC film school. I put together a production company and produced as well as directed several films. And now I feel that before I get too old I would like to get an MBA or an Executive MBA. My concern is that I haven't worked in business or studied business formally. I self taught myself everything to create and finance my company as well as distribute and market my product. But as for formal business education, my thesis was about economic psychology and decision making/risk analysis and I had a few statistic courses but i imagine that most applicants are engineers or business students who come from 3-5 years at Goldman Sachs. Will my past hurt me?

    I am only targeting upper tier schools (top 20) in metropolitan cities (Tuck being the only exception). If I was 22 I may not be so rigid but it's just not worth it for me to spend 2 years and get an MBA from "Generic St. U" So though I'm sure I could get into some business school is there a chance that I can get into Wharton or Tuck and if not then maybe a Hass or even Anderson, McCombs, or Marshall?

    Also, when I spoke with Wharton and told them my background they pushed their San Francisco executive MBA. I feel like if I apply to a Wharton executive MBA program I'll be laughed at ...loudly. Aren't executive MBA programs more difficult to get into than full times programs?

    Not to sound arrogant but I'm not worried about the other components of my application. I have nearly As in any course I've ever taken and usually get close to perfect scores on standardized tests. The math on the GMAT is easy for me as well and I've always been a skillful writer. Again I'm not stroking myself I'm just reasserting that I fear I still may get knocked due to my odd past and presumed lack of experience in a corporate setting.

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    Your query is not clear want to understand what exactly is your question. You have done majors in Psychology/English/Biochemistry. But now you don’t have any updated knowledge in these subjects as you are away from it since 10 years.

    So what would be your majors for MBA?

    Also as you are away from these things from long time, do one thing is start studying daily and updating your knowledge about these subjects as it will be helpful to you.

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