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    This is a story of a little boy and his mother. The five year old boy went to school quite close to his house which was at the end of the road. Every day his mother used to come out and stand near the gate and keep waving out her hand to him. The boy used to keep turning his head now and then to look at his mother and wave back and then would continue walking to his school.

    One day, the mother stood at the gate as usual and the boy started walking, looking back at frequent intervals. He had almost reached the end of the road when he turned back to wave his hand to his mother. He was shocked because his mother was not standing there.

    He immediately ran all the way back home. His mother had thought that since her son had almost reached his school, she could go inside to continue with her household chores.

    She was surprised to see her little son who came back all the way and asked her why she did not stand at the gate till he went inside the school. Feeling amused, surprised and touched, the mother once again came out and stood till her son walked all the way back to school that day!! From that day onwards, she also saw to it that she stood till her son entered the school.

    The little boy and his mother were none other than my husband and my mother-in-law…

    Such is the bond between kids and parents. Kids always feel secured and happy when they are near their parents, whenever they look at their parents’ faces or even hear their voices. That’s why even as an infant the baby stops crying when he hears his mother’s voice even from the next room. He starts recognizing the voice right from infant hood.

    The warmth and affection of a mother can very well be realized by a kid even when he is far away from her. Such is the power of a mother’s affection and love for her child. No other love can be more spontaneous than a mother’s in this world.
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    'Ma' this word is so powerful, full of emotions and truly everything else is meaningless when it comes to mother.

    We all women should be proud of bringing a new life to this world.

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    Nice. Such is the relationship of mother and kid. From seeing the face, mother can understand what her kid wants or he is hungry or not well. This is such a close relationship and that is why the children are more close and attached to mother than father.


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    Jaya, I need to share a couple of my thoughts here....A topic, thats really close to my heart!

    Let me open up, When in college/ school, I was never fond of kids...believe me, I used to run away at the sight of small kids, because of the fear that they might cry..they might pass urine on me...there were so many reasons! Time flew, Got married, When I was expecting, I never know, How I developed a bond with the foetus in my womb!! It was like Magic for me! The bond between my daughter and me, started from the first day, I knew I was carrying! I had no idea, if it was a Girl or a boy! For a girl, who used to run miles away at the name of small kids, I developed a natural bonding. I used to do everything under the sky, to make sure, I deliver a healthy baby! My hubby used to wonder, how could I transform so much, from being a totally carefree woman to a matured, loving MOTHER??

    The moment I delivered, I could not believe, that I have nurtured a small life in my womb! When we came to know it’s a girl, we were doubly happy! No idea why, both of us wanted to have a daughter, and God gifted us with a very very precious little daughter! I started speaking to her the very next day, could not bear to see her cry, got afraid, when she slept for long…Got perplexed when she had physiological Jaundice…Felt like I was flying, when she smiled at me first, I mean, I wonder, from where did I develop all these feelings!

    Every step of her development makes me feel like I have achieved something great! Have cried loads when she falls ill…somehow, every happening in our lives seem to be based on just my daughter….I have gone crazy with her sometimes, but still find, she is next to me the very next moment! I have not graduated so much in life, like after I have graduated as a Mother! This bonded love is such a blessing, I am sure, all mothers are blessed with such feelings…

    A mother can easily make out if a Kid is in pain…A mother cannot even enjoy when the kid is happy….It so happens, Most mothers cry when they know their Kids are happy! I always used to make fun of my mom, when she used to cry or get emotional when we achieved something, Now I know, why she did that!

    A Kid is a kid to a mother, irrespective of age! This love that runs deep inside a kid and mom grows by age, Its eternal and would remain eternal no matter, how modern we grow!

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