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Thread: More Of Family Politics - Cheap Publicity Stunt?

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    Default More Of Family Politics - Cheap Publicity Stunt?

    The recent trend of news revolving around the tamil industry is certainly disheartening the fans and is not a healthy trend at all. There has been a whole lot of negativity all around the tamil industry with biggies like Arvindswamy, Prakash raj, all ending up with divorces.
    To add to this drama, we have the Prabhudeva/ Nayanthara issue going on for quite some time now, with all this already hitting the news, the recent news of the Vijayakumar family, seems to be tarnishing their image to a greater extent.

    The media is now on its toes to focus and telecast, all tits and bits of information about the Vijayakumar family. With his daughter Vanitha Vijayakumar, bashes her parents of irresponsible parenting and lot of other charges, Actor Vijayakumar, seems to defend himself on the other side. I cannot believe, people could stoop down to levels of threatening their parents of leaking out confidential information, knowing for sure, that it might hamper the image of the entire family. I was surprised to check the interviews of both the daughter- father duo, and I am speechless! How could people make their family issues, so public and curse each other in public!

    Not just this much, theres no healthy news of the Tamil cine industry in the recent past. All that we get to read about the tamil industry is more of negativity. While this is on one side, on the other side, what is happening to healthy journalism? Aren't there better news to publish, rather than concentrate on family politics and dig the gutter more? Every Tamil Journal is trying to do its bit, by bringing in topics of Family politics, thereby trying to attract more readres/ audience!

    On the other hand, I always wonder, are these tactics by the cine stars to attract more publicity? They have not been on limelight for quite some time now, and tactics like this, might get the audience remember them more! Only time can answer!
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    Roopa, When the Kuppuswamies and Kumaraswamies divorce Kamalas and Vimalas, it is not "news". But when an Arvindswamy goes to the family court to divorce his wife or when a Prabhu Deva absconds with Nayanthara and refuses to live with his wife, it is GREAT NEWS. People are also interested to know these things in detail as they are about popular personalities. Hence it is natural for the journalists to highlight these things to promote their media.

    The readers/viewers have the option to choose what they want to read/view.

    When family fights come to the streets, it only lessen the image of the VIPs and even knowing this, if they choose to reveal their dirty secrets, it shows their real inborn nature and character. Hence such types of "stunts" may not bring in more popularity to them. It will only make them notorious. This is my view.
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