Now it is icy cold in Switzerland. The temperature often falls to a level of -16 and it is minus most of the time. We need to cover from head to toe when we go out.

During such winter, I see one thing in common followed especially by Swiss people (I mean not most other migrated people like Indians or any Asians are doing). They switch of their refrigerators and instead use their balcony for the same purpose. They place their items to be kept in fridge (like Milk, juice, meat all nicely covered/packed), in the balcony.

Switzerland is one of the richest country (obviously and we Indians all knew this as our politicans are contributing more for that). There is no power cut in Switzerland, people can afford the electricity bill. But still why should they do? Because they love mother earth. They don't want to contribute in the global warming. They don't want to waste the resources, just because they are able to afford it.

Another best practice they have is, they switch on the light only in the room where they are. They don't put on the lights in the kitchen and bedroom and then sit in the living room. They take all efforts to avoid wasting of essential resources like electricity and water. But in India, I have seen people switching on the lights in all the rooms (and will scold the people who don't switch on light in all rooms as miser and not welcoming the Goddess Laxmi).

Even in such freezing winter, they don't switch on the heater placed in all the rooms. They just use the one in the room where they are and switch off rest of the heaters. Frankly I should admit that I switched on all the heater on the very first winter of mine in Switzerland, as it was totally new to me. I couldn't able to bear the cold. Now, I too do follow the same.

If rich people like Swiss are taking so much effort in not wasting the essential resources, how much effort should we take, that too having so much shortage of electricity, leading to power cut everyday? Time to think and learn the good qualities.