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Thread: One in a Thousand.

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    One in a thousand.
    By Revathi Seshadri.

    Whenever I read about the problems galore faced by the parents of children with autism, Dyslexia as also children with slow learning ability, I remember the person who has made it her life’s mission to help at least some of these unfortunate children. The onerous task of seeing these kids through life is thrust upon the parents by God, but this lady has chosen it on her own.

    She has been running a learning centre for these children with special needs for some years now. What started as a field work for her M.A. Psychology degree became a full fledged passion for her when she discovered that she has an innate talent to help rehabilitate such children.

    She started off in a small way with a few kids with slow learning ability, studied each child systematically as to what his/her problem was, how many years he was lagging behind his peer group and after reading extensively on the specificity of the problem faced by each child, chalked out a course/syllabus that would suit his degree of development and toiled with him. She would never let a child feel that he was in any way inferior to others and in the process, built up his self confidence as well.

    She found out that she could bring such a child’s mental development at par with the children of his own age group within a few years. Once that was achieved, she arranged with the parents to get him admitted into a mainstream school in the class of the children of his own age.

    One such child helped by her has entered a professional college and with all modesty, she said that it is the acid test for her and she should wait and watch as to how he progresses in the special field chosen by him.

    What started off as a modest venture has now become a small school and she runs it successfully with a set of dedicated teachers hand picked and personally trained by her. Word of mouth reputation has brought children to the institution from other cities also.

    Realizing that these children require as much right handling and attention at home as they do in the school, she started a training course for the parents of the children with special needs and the response was highly encouraging and the results remarkably beneficial to the children.

    With these trained mothers as teachers, she has opened another branch of the school and is dreaming of the day when this process will go on as a chain to benefit as many children as in need of these special learning centres.

    The life she has chosen for herself is an arduous one, and one that calls for sacrifices. With her qualification, she could have created a niche for herself as an academician in a conventional college and led a relatively easy life. Her work has not brought her wealth, but she is creating wealth for the nation in bringing around these handicapped kids to mainstream life.

    The training she renders to children with autism to cope with their disability would fill another write up.

    Recently she was conferred doctorate in psychology in the field of her specialty and when I found that the institution that has honored her with the degree is Mother Theresa University, I can not but see the appropriateness of it. Hats off to the lady!

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    Dear Revathi, welcome back after a long hibernation, to Digital Bhoomi. Every day when I logged into Digital Bhoomi, I would search the Forum to see if your thread has been posted somewhere, but in vain. I had been wanting to mail you my request to come back soon with your interesting articles layered with humor. Today I feel very happy, Revathi.

    Now coming to the thread posted by you...very few live for others and at the same time, make their own meaningful too. You have written about the invaluable service of such a great lady. I think it would be good if you mention her name and the place where she runs her schools as it may be of help to those in need of her services.

    It is only because of such selfless persons that the lives of the less fortunate are brightened. So the least we can do is to share about their good work and recognize their invaluable service to mankind with our heartfelt words of appreciation...

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    Default One in a thousand.

    Thank you Jayashree.
    I met the lady recently at Chennai at a wedding and had a long talk with her. I thought her work may be an inspiration to like minded people, hence the write up.

    I do not have the address of the institution. It is situated at Chennai.

    Her name is Dr.Surya Vijaya Raghavan. There may be a landline registered in her/her husband's name. Interested people may find out her address from the telephone directory
    Thanks again,

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