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    Smile Pride and Prejudice

    One of the most beautiful movies I have ever seen recently - Pride and Prejudice. It is film adaptation of Jane Austen's equally beautiful novel witht

    the same name. This film is a charmer. It is filled with kindaa pure positive energy and it draws us into its own aura.

    It can be loosely said that it is the story of Elizebeth Bennet, who is the main character of the story. The story sets in the backdrop of England at the

    time of Dukes and Duchess.

    You can watch the movie rather than going through the plot, because the beauty of the movie can't be portray here.(I'm not Jane Austen )


    The story takes place at the turn of the 19th century in rural England. The Bennet family, consisting of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet and their five daughters -

    Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Kitty and Lydia - live in Longbourn. As Longbourn is destined to be inherited by Mr. Bennet's cousin, Mr. Collins, Mrs. Bennet is

    anxious to marry off her five daughters before Mr. Bennet dies.

    Everything was uneventful till Mr. Bingley, a wealthy bachelor who has recently moved into Netherfield. He is introduced to local society at an

    assembly ball, along with his sister, Caroline, and rich,dashing but proud friend, Mr. Darcy. Bingley is enchanted with the gentle and beautiful Jane,

    while Elizabeth takes an instant dislike to Darcy which happened to be the prejudice. When Jane becomes sick on a visit to Netherfield, Elizabeth

    goes to stay with her, and verbally spars with Caroline and Darcy.

    Later the Bennets are visited by Mr. Collins, a priest who talks of nothing but his patroness, Lady Catherine. Meanwhile, the handsome and charming

    Lieutenant Wickham of the newly-arrived militia captures the girls' attention; he slanders Darcy, telling Elizabeth that Darcy cheated him of his


    During this a beautiful scene of a ball with a great background music at Netherfield, Elizabeth accepts a dance with Mr. Darcy, but vows to her best

    friend Charlotte Lucas that she has "sworn to loathe him for all eternity." During the dance, she makes her disgust with him clear with biting sarcasm,

    and Darcy responds in kind. Their complete absorption with each other causes the other guests to "disappear" for a time, until the music stops.

    The next day, at Longbourn, Mr. Collins proposes to Elizabeth, but she declines him, which causes hysterics in her mother, but she has the support of

    her father. When Bingley unexpectedly returns to London, Elizabeth dispatches Jane to their aunt and uncle in London, the Gardiners, in hopes of

    re-establishing contact between Jane and Bingley. Then Elizabeth is appalled to learn that Charlotte will marry Mr. Collins, not because she loves him

    but entirely to gain financial security.

    Months later, Elizabeth visits the Collinses at Rosings, the manor estate of the overbearing Lady Catherine; they are invited to dine at the grand house

    and there meet Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam, Lady Catherine's nephews. Here Darcy pursues a greater interest in Elizabeth, especially when she

    replies to Lady Catherine's jabs with spirited wit. The next day, Colonel Fitzwilliam lets slip to Elizabeth that Darcy separated Bingley from Jane.

    Distraught, she flees out into the rain; Darcy chooses that 'perfectmoment' to track her down and to propose marriage . He claims that he loves her

    "most ardently," despite her "lower rank." Elizabeth refuses him, citing his treatment of Jane and Bingley, and of Wickham, and they argue fiercely.

    Darcy leaves angry and heartbroken. He finds her later only to give her a letter, which explains that he misjudged Jane's affection for Bingley. The

    letter also exposes Wickham as a gambler who secretly but unsuccessfully courted Darcy's 15-year-old sister, Georgiana, to obtain her £30,000


    Elizabeth does not tell Jane what she has learned. Later, the Gardiners take Elizabeth on a trip to the Peak District and visit Darcy's estate,

    Pemberley. Elizabeth is stunned by its wealth and beauty and hears nothing but good things about Darcy from his housekeeper. Then she

    accidentally runs into Darcy, who invites her and the Gardiners to meet his sister. His manners have softened considerably, and Georgiana takes an

    instant liking to Elizabeth.
    When Elizabeth learns that her immature and flirtatious youngest sister Lydia, who was sent on holiday unsupervised, has run away with Wickham,

    she tearfully blurts out the news to Darcy before returning home. Her family assumes their ruin for having a disgraced daughter, but they are soon

    relieved to hear that Mr. Gardiner has discovered the pair in London, and that they will be married. Lydia later reveals to Elizabeth that it was Mr. Darcy

    who found them and who paid for the marriage.

    When Bingley and Darcy return to Netherfield, Jane accepts Bingley's proposal of marriage. The same evening, Lady Catherine pays Elizabeth a

    surprise visit and insists that Elizabeth renounce Darcy, as he is supposedly going to marry her own daughter, Anne. Elizabeth refuses, and unable to

    sleep, she goes walking on the moors at dawn. There, she meets Darcy, who has also been unable to sleep after hearing of his aunt's behavior. He

    admits his continued love, and Elizabeth accepts his second proposal. Mr. Bennet gives his consent after Elizabeth assures him of her love for Darcy.

    The beauty of the film does not lie on the twists of the story nor in the complexity, but it completely lies on its own beauty. The superfluid editing, the

    absolutely enchanting cinematography, the beautiful graceful ladies, the wonderful background music, the costumes, the good manners of old times,

    the courteous language and the soothing but never boring pace of the movie- all these things made this film absolutely charming. The long single fluid

    shot flowing from one place to another is another specality of this movie. And each frame is composed like a 'poetry'. And the flawless acting on

    each frame by everyone is also fantastic.

    The balls, the manners, the costumes, the language that they speak - everything take us to the old time. And I really wished that I could live in those


    The credits goes to

    Dario Marianelli for the beautiful background score
    Roman Osin for the stupendous camera work
    Paul Tothill for the super fluid editing
    Jacqueline Durran for the taking us back to time through the costume design
    Keira Knightley and Rosamund Pike whom I started adoring after watching this movie
    and Joe Wright the director and Jane Austine the creative mind behind this evergreen masterpiece.

    You need only two things to watch, sorry enjoy this movie.
    1. The movie itself
    2. A five minutes of your time
    After that the movie it self take you till the end.
    Its such a wonderfully beautiful movie. Watch it.
    How many times? Its upto you

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    Default Pride and Prejudice- Movie review.

    It is a very good review jiths.

    It makes me long to go back to the book for the umpteenth time and also get hold of the dvd of the movie. What a book! And from what you say,'What a movie!'
    Thank you.
    Revathi Seshadri.

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    thank you Revathi for going through a rather long post
    yeah both forms of the story are simply great.

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    Default Nice

    Hi Jiths what a beautiful explanation you give here i think you have more patience very great job keep sharing information. Do you watch Telugu Movies?

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    Pride and Prejudice is still not a movie for everyone. shirts and blouses with ruffles fill the screen at every opportunity. People speak at this time, grating walks, Olde English, with 15 words and 30 syllables are used when half of it.

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    @ Anita : Thank you for ur comment. Well I dont usually watch Telungu movies because of obvious reasons Language problem. But I've seen magadira, dubbed version of happy days etc..they were good..

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