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Thread: Nandhalala: Aiming the awards!

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    Thumbs up Nandhalala: Aiming the awards!

    The movie, yet another, Kaaviyam as we say in Tamil, is a beautiful attempt by Director Mishkin, who has played the lead role along with a 8 year old kid, in search of his long lost Mom! Coincidentally, the 8 year old kid also runs away from his house, in search of his mom! What the duo experience and come across their entire journey in search of their Mom, is beautifully portrayed in this movie! Music by Illayaraja is simply superb, with its marking back ground score too! Well, the movie was completed long back, but was held back due to finanical reasons, with no distributors willing to buy this film, No wonder, its not a masala film, like others!

    The lifeline of all of us alive, MOTHER...this is the only word, that has been used to portray this movie! A brilliant effort by Mishkin!

    8 Year old Ashwath Ram has beautifully played the role of the young child who goes in search of his mom with just a single picture in his hand. On the way, he meets Myshkin, who is a mentally challenged person, who longs for the love of his mother. How their journey continues, is the story.

    Snigdha has played the role of a sex worker and she joins them in their journey. The scenes where she expresses her situation, can make even a stone hearted person, feel bad for women who have been forced to get into this profession!

    The various kind of people they meet on their way and their behaviour is the story line, which has been interestingly crafted by Mishkin.

    The scenes where the duo meet the tender coconut seller, the 2 fatties, the lorry drivers, all bring a real emotional touch to this movie.

    Totally moved, when Mishkin, meets his long lost Mom...One has to really watch the movie, to get the real essence of this movie!

    Applaud the actors:

    Mishkin, Hats off to a very brave attempt of portraying a mentally challenged person. Amazed by the way he performs the role and his body language is awesome through out! Ashwath ram, a cute little boy, steals our hearts and eyes with his beautiful acting, The scenes where he runs in search of his mom, pleads to Mishkin, for having called him a Mental, are some, that prove his acting ability! Snigdha, a quiet but complete performance! All small roles, that have been showcased in this film, have done justice to their roles!

    Other Credits:

    Ilayaraja's Thalatu Ketka song, brings tears to our eyes...
    The camera has travelled into the beautiful and scenic South a feast to our eyes.
    Sharp dialogues, that have a small sense of humour, are well written.


    The only flaw, that I could find out from the movie, is its slow pace..

    Well, when we look at the story, this speed is agreed...but it looks like a very clear attempt to win the awards! Not to blame though, this is worth a NATIONAl award!

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    good review I should say.

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