The Logitech G19 is a unique keyboard in some ways, for one it has a colour LCD screen built right into it, and is the only keyboard we know of that includes its own adapter for extra power! It is the highest-end gaming keyboard available from Logitech, and for the most part is a Logitech G510 with a colour display instead of a monochrome one. Oh and it costs around Rs. 10,995.
The keyboard looks and feels great, it's not one of those annoying compact layout keyboards that mush together keys to save space. The build quality is quite good as well, though we noticed that the back-lighting is not aligned on some keys, the "Tab" and "Caps Lock" keys particularly. They don’t appear fully illuminated unless viewed directly from above ‒ an unlikely scenario. While this is a minor blemish, it is not expected of a keyboard that costs as much as this.
This keyboard is rather large, with perhaps more than the standard spacing between keys, and an extra two columns of macro keys (or "G-keys") available that can be programmed to perform any function.
The 12 macro keys ‒ labelled G1 to G12 ‒ can be programmed to perform three different functions under three different modes. In essence you have 36 combinations possible. The mode keys appear at the top-left of the keyboard, and each mode can be assigned a different back-lighting color so you can tell at once which mode is active. The back-light supports virtually any colour.
One of the best features of the macro keys is that they can be assigned a function straight from the keyboard itself as long as the software is installed and running. Using the macro record key, you can assign a key-combination, or even a series of keys to any G-key even while in the middle of a game. You can quickly capture new combo moves with the feature without leaving the game.
Like other G-Series keyboards the G19 features a lock to turn off the Windows key while you are gaming, so accidentally pressing it while gaming is a preventable disaster. It would be great if the activation of a gaming profile could automatically trigger this switch, but such a thing is not supported, since this is a hardware toggle. The G19 also has a set of multimedia keys for controlling volume and media playback. For volume control the drum is particularly useful for quickly changing the volume in a natural manner.