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    Thumbs up The Social Network

    I get to watch “The Social Network” movie finally. I was waiting for movie to release especially given the hype surrounding it. It’s worth watching.
    It’s always good to know the behind-the-screen backstabbing, conspiracy, etc that happened in a successful company. As with most internet businesses, sex and dating plays major role in facebook. That clearly shows up in the movie too.

    The movie shows how facebook was started, what kind of drama Mark Zuckerberg played to get the facebook up and running. Mark started the with bunch of illegalities, stealing images from Harvard campus network, taking free ride and crashing the network, etc., you need to see the movie to get the feel for it. After Harvard put Mark on academic probation, he set up “” after stealing an idea from 3 students that wanted to start “Harvard Connection” that is exclusively for Harvard students with email address. See the original page below.

    Mark’s friend Eduardo Saverin provided the basic algorithm for ranking females for He also provided the seed money to start However, Mark and his new partner Sean Parker (Napster guy) managed to play game to bring down Eduardo’s share from 34% to 0.03%!! Eduardo sues Mark. Guys that gave “Harvard connection” idea also sue Mark. The movie revolves around all these events and successfully conveyed what it intended to do.

    When the movie ends, I wondered what happened to Eduardo Saverin. I searched his whereabouts in the internet, Wikipedia says he might be living in Singapore. Looks like he finally got the share of 7% of facebook instead of 34% he was originally entitled to. Even with 7%, he is worth $2+ billion dollars. He can’t complain But, I am sure he would feel the pain of betrayal by his close friend for his whole life.

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    Yes I too wondered about Eduardo Saverin. The movie was really awesome.

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