This is the collection of running class notes of the subject Data Structure taken by me. I will update or post new post whenever I get the time and new notes.

What is Data?
Data is simply the information.

There are two main data types
1>Numeric (integer, floating) type
2>Alphanumeric type

Data Structure is the way of organizing all data items so as to get faster acccess or to use them for specific purpose.
It can also be defined as set of domains.

Data Structures can be divided in to two main parts
A)Primitive DS
B)Non- Premitive Ds

A)Primitive Data structures
>It is the most basic
>It contains Integers, Float, Chatarcter, Pointer.
>It is operated on machine instructions.

B)Non- Premitive
Non Primitive DS are developed from Primitive Data Structures. they are as follows
>List---------contists of linear and non linear
in linear lists, Stack and Que and in non linear, Graph and tree

**C programming was developed at AT & T `s bell laboratory of USA in 1972 by Denis Ritchie****

Algorithm is a set of instruction,rules,hints to accmplish a specific task
Algorithm was invented in 9th century by Mathematician, A. I. Khowarizmi

-Input- threre are 0 or more quantities that are extrenally supplied to an algorithm

-Output--At least one quantity is produced.

-Definiteness-- earch instruction is clear and unambeguios (error free) and instantly recognisable

-Fininteness-- If we trace out the instructio nof algorithm ,then for all cases, algorithm terminates after a finite step

-Effectiveness--Instructions must be basic enough to be carried out by a person using pencil and paper.