It was heart rending to see a news regarding a boy being punished in a school in Karnataka (in Honnavar) for coming late to school. The eighth standard boy Afzal Hamza Sab, was running fever and came late to school. He was beaten by the teachers and asked to run around the school thrice as a punishment.

Though the boy pleaded that he was ill, he was forced to run and he collapsed at the end of the first round itself. He was taken to hospital where he was declared dead. Police said that they have arrested the Headmaster and the physical training teacher in connection with this incident. But what is the use? Will the parents get back their beloved little son?

This has happened in New English School in Honnavar. When will the teachers realize that beating and caning will not only affect the children physically but also morally and psychologically? Many times we have also heard that mere scolding and insulting a child has even led to their committing suicide at the tender age of 10 and 11.

Teachers show their ire and irritability and hatred on children when they are not able to cope up with their personal stress at home or in their workplace. Stringent measures need to be enforced and such offenders must be severely punished so that others think twice before harming a child. They have no business to beat a kid who is sent to school by parents who think that their kids are in safe hands which will mold them into responsible citizens of the future...