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    The term “Athma katha” can be literally translated as “Soul Story”. It is a story of a blind person, who takes life as it comes and enjoys it in his own ways, and his daughter.

    Kochu Baby (Sreenivasan) turned blind at his age of 13. Though his world lost its color and charm and turns into dark, he keeps himself happy by managing his inner world colorful. His mind keeps enjoying the colors. His mother taught him the mathematics for his life, for the life of blind people, like 10 steps from door steps will lead to kitchen, 3 steps from there will lead to food pot and so on. Though the mother is never shown on the screen, she gains our respect at the moment Kochu Baby talks about her.

    Kochu Baby’s life takes a turn, when he gets to meet Mary (Sharbani Mukherjee), who is also a blind lady and comes to work in the same “Candle Making” factory, where he works. The mutual understanding between them ends in their marriage. Their life gets colored with their daughter Lilykutti (Shafna). Their poetic life gets shattered one day, when Lilykutti was around 2 years and her mother Mary dies in an accident.

    Lilykutti, when at her final year of schooling, dreams about becoming a pilot. She keeps up the charm in her dad’s life. During her final year exam, she gets some irritation in her eyes, and image blurred issues. Doctor tells it as the beginning stage of turning into blind. The emotion of a teen gal, who knows her fate was well shown by this gal. Kochu Baby shatters with this news, but he tries to boost the moral of his daughter in all the ways. His words to his daughter at the candle factory gives her all the courage to face life. And one day, slowly, this little girl’s world was shown turned into dark, and she accepts it and decides to face it.

    The sad ending, with the courage words of the gal leaves an unexplainable feeling in the mind for a while.

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    Athma katha good movie i have seen once but i dont know malayalam perfectly so i had some doubts if i ask you will tell me

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