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    One fine thriller movie I got to watch, after a long time.

    Ravi Abaraham (Anoop Menon) is a key resource and master mind Engineer in a leading construction company. He has lot of rivals inside his company, who are jealous about his success and promotions. They all have hatred towards him as he has more value and priorities with the company MD and his son. On the other side, he leads a happy Love-married life with his wife Parvathy (Samrutha Sunil) and a daughter ammu. Their life is filled with fun and joy, besides the numerous threatening calls they receive from Ravi's rivals.

    One fine morning, Ravi and Parvathy leaves to meet their MD and friend respectively, leaving to a new baby-sitter who came in behalf of the regular one, sent from the Ashrama where they regularly call for baby-sitter's on demand. On their way in the car, they find a person Venkitesh (Jayasurya) asking for a lift, as his car met with some problems. Venky who starts with a good friendship tone, chatting about lots of matters in this world suddenly pulls a gun with a villan tone, ordering Ravi and Parvathy to obey him and threatens that the new babysitter is his person, who will kill their daughter if they don't obey.

    From this moment, the movie flies with a jet speed, making us to involve more with the movie and frankly, many times I felt to kill Venky if get a chance. First Venky orders Ravi and Parvathy to withdraw the whole amount (77lakhs+) from their joint account and later he burns the money, along with their wallets too, and threw it into the river saying he is allergic to see so much money together. Next he takes them to a hotel and asks Ravi to find money to pay for the bill. Ravi sells his watch worth 1 lakh for just Rs. 6000 and settles the bill. Then Venky asks Parvathy to hand over a file to an address, which he later says to Ravi after Parvathy leaves that it is the blue print of the future project of Ravi's company, which only ?Ravi and his MD knows. Ravi, begs that it will spoils his entire career and future. Venky gives the mobile and asks him to call Parvathy and stop. But Parvathy refuses to obey Ravi saying for her the daughter's life is more important. Venky uses the situation to tease the intimacy between Ravi and Parvathy. Later Venky traps them into a lodge and tries to misbehave with Parvathy. Whenever Ravi looses temper, he threatens to kill their daughter and brings him back on control.

    The movie keeps moving with few other incidents like Venky asking Ravi to bargain with a call girl, asking to keep a suitcase pretending as if bomb is there, but which turns to be empty. Venky drains even the lost bit of energy from Ravi and Parvathy, making them to run from morning till night and making Ravi to go mad as he has lost everything like his bank balance, career, dignity and all. At the end, he says, the game will over with Ravi killing a person inside a house he shows. Venky gives Ravi a gun and asks him to go into a house, where he will find only one person inside whom he needs to kill. Ravi with no other go, enters the house and was shocked and shattered to the ground seeing that person.

    Whom that person was, what is the relationship between Venky, that person and the couples Ravi and Parvathy, why Venky made the couples to run and exhaust to this level and who is the partner of Venky in this plan all makes a wonderful climax, an unexpected twist overall.

    The strength of the movie is the actors and the flow of the movie. Ravi, Venky, Parvathy all acted very well. Expression of Ravi and Parvathy, with their inability to escape from Venky was really good. Venky was perfect with his villan and irritating tone, making even the viewers to feel like kill him, which is the real success of the character.

    Except the movie name, which I didn't feel much related to the base movie, I just enjoyed this thriller.
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