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Thread: My jouney with DB- 3 Years and still going strong!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jayashree s kumar View Post
    Nimmo, I think you mean Though and NOT tough... Thank you too for being a friend and one who shares good things in Digital Bhoomi, a spam free forum...
    Thanks for correcting me J....

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    Aww, there is so much warmth attached to this forum, i am new here, but all this makes sure that i am bound to stay.

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    That's what sets this forum apart from other forums.
    I'm sure you'll stay like all of us did and you'll enjoy writing here

    And yeah, A very warm welcome to db...

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    Quote Originally Posted by manisha View Post
    I was pondering over my journey with Db and was thinking what has kept me
    associated with this forums for so long and then I realized I just completed 3 years with DB.
    And I think it's time I acknowledge how important db has been and still is for me. I wanted to write this testimonial after completing 5 years but then I couldn't hold it longer. May be I'll write another one then

    Db has been there in some of my major transitions in life :
    - from a member to moderator.
    - College student to a Systems Engineer
    - from 'cya' to 'Thanks and Regards'

    I opened my first bank account for db

    Honestly I started writing here just to earn some pocket money but without my realization it became an addiction and money was out of picture soon.

    Over time I've realized the difference db brings in, is that the members are not just discussing stuff online but we're also connected on an emotional front.

    To quote an incident, I was so disappointed when I got to know J was at my work place and I couldn't meet her (Got to know about her visit later).

    By the way J, Abhi is doing great. He knows what he wants in life.
    (For the benefit of other members, Abhi is J's Son who works in the same company as I do)

    And yeah how can I forget to mention, db was the first thing that made me smile after I was back home from a major Surgery.
    Friends I used to hang out with were nowhere around and the members whom I've never met were praying for me.
    It was such a 'feel good' moment.

    Most importantly db gave me my First Boss - Ram, I continue to work with
    He's not just trusted me with the moderation of forums but has always given me great career advices.

    Love you Ram. You're THE BEST!
    And for the millionth time THANK YOU!
    Manisha great 3 years and its good to know you are senior to me by 13 days and J is junior to me by one day i joined DB on 2/23/08 and time has passed by just like that (but I have been absconding for a while) . BTW I wish to endorse this is the only social site I know (got stuck up with her enormous features that I didn't seek for another).

    how are you doing? and am sorry that i did not know about the major surgery you crossed.

    Of course kudos to RAM for being the reason of all the earnings, happenings, knowledge /news shares, knitting our friendship and what not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by harshnisar View Post
    Aww, there is so much warmth attached to this forum, i am new here, but all this makes sure that i am bound to stay.
    you bet hey, welcome by the way..

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