To start with, let me begin with an applause to the director that it is one best movie I have seen recently.

The movie talks about the life of few people who are totally strange to each other, but connected by a situation.

September 16th is a crucial day for actor Sidharth Shankar (Rahuman) as his new movie is to be released on that day. The same day brings excitement for Dr.Abel (Kunchako Boban) as it is his first wedding Anniversary. Traffic Constable Sudevan (Sreenivasan) awaits September 16, as it is his day to join back on duty after he got suspended for taking bribes (which was then shown in the movie that it is the first time he took bribe, due to his family circumstances). Raihan (Vineeth Sreenivasan), whose dream is to become a great TV anchor / journalist gets a chance to interview the actor Sidharth Shankar as his first job, on the same day September 16.

But the most awaited September 16 stores different choices for those people. Raihan gets a lift from his friend Rajeev (Asif Ali) in his bike to the TV station, but get hit at a crowded Kochi Junction by a speeding car (drove by a girl, who was upset and tensed because of getting teased by some boys following her car in their bike), which didn't follow the traffic signal. In the same junction, Dr.Abel along with his best friend, was in his new car he bought as a gift for his wife. The condition of Sidharth Shankar's teen daughter who suffers with a heart problem and admitted in a hospital in Palakkad, goes more worse and she is in a situation for immediate heart transplantation.

Raihan gets severely injured and goes into comma. He is declared as brain dead, and kept alive just with the help of ventilator. Doctors from Palakkad seeks for a heart donor everywhere and asks doctors in Kochi to arrange for getting Raihan's heart, as he cannot survive long in his ventilator state help. Though Raihan's parents were heart broken and not ready to accept for mercy killing their son to save another girl, Raihan's girl friend Aswathi (Sandhya) convince them to make Raihan as immortal by making his heart live in this world.

Though the heart is available now, it has to reach Palakkad within 2 hours, but the chance looks gloomy as no chartered flights or helicopters were available due to the bad weather and the only choice to transport the heart is by the road means. In general it takes 4 to 5 hours to travel from Kochi to Palakkad. City Police Commissioner Ajmal (Anoop Menon) is so worried to execute the mission as it involves the risk of others lives like kids from school and lot others and hence refuses for the plan. But later accepts because of the advice by Dr.Simon D'souza (Jose Prakash). When no police officer was ready to work as the driver of the mission to take the heart, Sudevan who is a well experienced driver and escorted ministers and top officials, volunteers to the mission, as he wanted to regain his name which he lost due to the bribe issue. Rajeev, who was Raihan's close friend accompany Sudevan. The doctor chosen to accompany the organ during transport refuses at lost moment in fear of the risk involved in the road ways, Dr.Abel was requested to join the mission and he accepts.

The mission starts and Sudevan, under constant touch with the commissioner office and monitored / instructed from there, keeps on a good and correct timing. But at one point, the vehicle disappears mysteriously and everyone lost the contact with anyone in the mission vehicle. This happened because of Dr.Abel, who tried to kill his wife by hitting her with the new car he bought, shortly before the mission started, as he found the illegal affair between his wife and his best friend (who was with him in the car in the junction at the time of Raihan's death). In confusion of getting escaped from the situation, he sabotage the mission, but later convinced by Sudeva, Rajeev and the mother of the dying girl.

Finally the mission ends up successfully by the trio team safely delivering the heart at the hospital and the doctors there carry forward from that point.

I literally broke and cried at the scene where the parents of the boy accepts for the heart donation and leaves the hospital before the operation to remove the organ starts, and when they were in some corner of the city, the mission vehicle carrying their son's heart crosses them and goes at a high speed. I felt as if my heart beat stopped for a while.

While watching this movie, I remembered the below thread.

This movie was shot even before that, with the inspiration of the same type of life saving mission carried out in Tamilnadu. I still remember that great soul A.P. Hithendran whose heart was donated to a 9 years old girl.

Frankly, the parents are the real great heroes worth enough to worship, as personally I couldn't tolerate the truth of removing the organs (heart or whatever it is), when one is alive (whatever the method is, like ventilator).

The movie left a deep and mixed feeling inside me.