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    Many of us buy old car and use that. But few cars and vehicles can not be used on road. What to do with those wracked car. An easy way to get rid of those is to donate them as it can help you and others as well. The organization to which you will donate your car or any other vehicle will help helpless so you are working as helping hand which is a nobel cause and at the same time you can save some amount of Tax with all legal rules is IRS.

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    Your idea is good for those having TWO cars! Such person must be willing to donate one.

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    If any one wants to invest in India on very vast level then what are the relaxations in taxes which can be provided to that business man.I also want to know about all the terms and conditions according to Indian penal code which are exceptional according to place.

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    It might sound weird but if I am paying for my nephew's education policy, would i get tax exemption on it? Help urgently since today is 31st March

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    you are taking for very good point... i visited your site ... basically i am eager to donate my old car... can you help me for donating this old car...

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