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    Story with punch

    When she says she's leaving him, our hero falls in her lap and cries helplessly, like a child that does not want his mother to leave on the first day of school. He has no words, just helpless resignation and shameless tears. She's broken him down. She knows exactly what buttons to hit to reduce the most self-respecting man to a submissive child stripped of all ego.

    It's very rare to see an Indian film show this side of the modern woman and more importantly, this aspect of the modern man. The image of the macho hero is broken and shattered to bits, thanks to Luv Ranjan's heart-warming bittersweet tale of buddies, bonding and girl trouble.


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    I like this movie very much. The movie tells a very real story about the twist and turns happening in youths life. the characters are so real that we can relate them to ourself easily. And the most enjoyable character liquid is my favorite.

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