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Thread: US CEOs see uptick on revenue, employing

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    Smile US CEOs see uptick on revenue, employing

    Are we in a growth recession, or are CEOs just excited to see something new?. According to MarketWatch, the heads of some of the biggest businesses in the U.S. envision higher revenue and increased employing in the forthcoming months. Even so, that's less optimism than they showed in the previous quarter.

    Good doing business

    In its latest quarterly survey, corporate research conglomerate Business Roundtable polled 135 United States CEOs from various areas of the corporate spectrum. Annual sales for the businesses involved topped $6 trillion.

    The companies are all planning on increasing hiring and capital spending in the next six months. This is a pretty certain thing for the corporations. After the first quarter, 97 percent of the companies planned on an increase in revenue leading to easier employing. Only 87 percent felt that way this time.

    "This continues a positive trend for our companies' activity heading into the second half of 2011," said Ivan Seidenberg, Business Roundtable chair and CEO of Verizon Communications.

    Regardless of signs of economic sluggishness, Seidenberg said that as long as oil prices recede as expected, growth can occur. It will be much better after Congress stays from higher business taxes and agrees to limit the debt cap.

    The job market in May looking terrible

    The United States Department of Labor explained that there was a huge drop in the number of new jobs put into the economy which made the May jobs report look terrible. Small and medium businesses could not move forward, notes Seidenberg. The CEOs expectation on the panel dropped from the highest since 2002 at 113 to 109.9 from the first quarter.

    Still a high cost of gas

    The average person in the United States may not see recovery for a while still since oil and gas prices are still very high.

    "You still have the kitchen table issue for most consumers," remarked Seidenberg, referring to how fuel costs hurt the American family's ability to afford basic staples.

    Checking out IT for confirmation

    In the high-tech business world, some positive news has surfaced of late. TechJournal South explained that IT sectors are planning on hiring still. 2011's 3rd quarter will make no difference. Only 3 percent of CIOs plan on cutbacks while 7 percent plan on hiring.


    Business Round Table

    Market Watch

    TechJournal South

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