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Thread: Main differences between Java and C++

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    Default Main differences between Java and C++

    Everything is an object in Java( Single root hierarchy as everything gets derived from java.lang.Object)
    Java does not have all the complicated aspects of C++ ( For ex: Pointers, templates, unions, operator
    overloading, structures etc..)
    The Java language promoters initially said "No pointers!", but when many programmers questioned how
    you can work without pointers, the promoters began saying "Restricted pointers." You can make up your
    mind whether it’s really a pointer or not. In any event, there’s no pointer arithmetic.
    There are no destructors in Java. (automatic garbage collection)
    Java does not support conditional compile (#ifdef/#ifndef type).
    Thread support is built into java but not in C++.
    Java does not support default arguments. There’s no scope resolution operator :: in Java. Java uses the
    dot for everything, but can get away with it since you can define elements only within a class. Even the
    method definitions must always occur within a class, so there is no need for scope
    resolution there either.
    There’s no "goto " statement in Java.
    Java doesn’t provide multiple inheritance (MI), at least not in the same sense that C++ does.
    Exception handling in Java is different because there are no destructors.
    Java has method overloading, but no operator overloading. The String class does use the + and +=
    operators to concatenate strings and String expressions use automatic type conversion, but that’s a special
    built-in case.
    Java is interpreted for the most part and hence platform independent.

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    okay great. Thanks for differentiating between Java and C++.
    By d way which language you personally use?

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    Thanks for sharing The useful info.Good to know something new..

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    Java is a pure object-oriented language while C + +. Java is not invented to replace C + + was invented to solve other problems related to the network there r lot of difference as note through any book.

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    Within a software engineering point of view, Java seems to be the more robust programming language among Java/C++. The language catches some of the ugly design and implementation features that C++ offers. The memory management based on garbage collection makes code more robust and might allow faster development. Concerning highly optimized code, C++ may be the choice.

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    The main difference between Java and C++ is that java is purely object oriented programming language and secured programming language. you can make static method. but c++ you can't make.

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    Java is purely object oriented programming and you can make static method in Java Language but in C++ you can't...

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    java is purely object oriented programing lanquage but c++ is not purely object oriented programing lanquage.

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    Java is platform independent and it can run in any operating system whereas C++ is not. Java is a successor of C++.

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