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Thread: Director A.L.Vijay’s Deiva thirumagal-Movie review.

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    Default Director A.L.Vijay’s Deiva thirumagal-Movie review.

    This movie is an emotionally gripping tale with the perfect cast, soothing music and spectacular performances. It is inspired from “I am Sam”, a Hollywood movie by director Jessie Nelson.

    The story is about Krishna (Vikram), a mentally retarded who has the brain growth of a six year old. He is in Chennai and is looking for his daughter Nila (Sara), a 3 year old girl. He comes in contact with Anu (Anuksha) , a lawyer and santhanam is her associate. They feel pity for Krishna and decide to help him out. They get in touch with his friends in ooty, where Krishna hails from. They find out that Krishna loses his wife Bhanu when giving birth to Nila. He brings up Nila with help of his neighbour Raji. When Nila joins school she meets her school correspondent (Amala Paul) and soon amala turns out to be Bhanu’s sister. She and her rich dad cunningly separate Nila from Krishna. How Anuksha fights bhashyam (Nasser as Amala Paul’s lawyer) and whether she resorts Nila back to Krishna forms rest of the story.

    Any average person will have to be ready for their eyes welling up once or twice in the movie. The performance by Vikram as a mentally challenged person is done really well ,he has put in a lot of effort. Sara as Vikram’s kid deserves more appreciation, for her age the way she has done her role is just perfect. In fact every role including Nasser, Raji’s, Amala’s are thorough justice to the story.

    Music is by G.V Prakash and two songs have been sung by Vikram himself. The ‘story telling song’ is good and the back ground scores are moving.

    There are a few gaps in the flow, like audience are not showed what kind of life Bhanu and Vikram lived and on what circumstances they marry. Vikram’s friends come to give witness in court and Bhaskar (Vikram’s neighbour) suddenly turns into good friend. And why does Anuksha & Vikram have a romantic song in between?

    The strong point of the movie is Vikram’s character, but the climax shakes it a bit, the director seems to have had some dilemma on how to end the movie. But the acting of Vikram and Sara in the climax court scene is very touching and if you have to select the best rendering of the two, it has to be the little one.

    All in all a tamil movie with no dirty scenes, no violence, just emotions, father-daughter love, good performance, cast and story. Worth my buck!

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    Hi Sowmya, It is great to see you again after quite some time. That's a good review of the movie. It is an inspiration from "I am Sam" which was also remade in Hindi as "Mai Aisa Hi Hoon" with Ajay Devgan.

    All who have seen the Tamil version say that you need to take a bunch of tissues to wipe your tears away and that the movie will make even a man cry...Yet to see the movie.

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    This is my version of this movie's review:

    Deiva Thirumagal: A poetry of a father and a daughter!

    We have heard thousand stories where a mom takes care of her kids, after the death of her husband. This is one story, that focusses on how a mentally challenged dad takes care, sheds his love and how his world revolves around his daughter! Its an absolutely touching and moving movie, that sure is to win accolades far and wide! The story thats very beautifully knit between the two, the dad and the daughter, is amazing.

    story Line:

    Krishna( Vikram) is a mentally challenged person, whose wife passes away during the birth of their kid. Its then, that Krishna learns on how to bring up the kid, and his daughter NILA ( Sara) is his world. How this mentally challenged dad fights to take back his daughter from her maternal relations is the story. Does Krishna get back guardianship of his daughter, with the help of Anu ( Anushka) and Vinod ( Santhanam) and the aftermaths are really touching and sure does, bring tears to almost everyone in the theaters!

    Lead Roles:


    Oh Man, this man is just awesome, Its not easy to act like a mentally challenged person, but his acting, his maturity in certain places, makes us feel so close to him. His small acts of closing the tap, not crossing the road when the signal is red, running to get medicines for an unwell kid, all make us realize, most normal human beings, behave like challenged people, while the challenged people are far more matured and responsible in their behaviour. The scene where he sits helplessly not knowing what to do, when his kid cries and questions...what to do to his neighbour, can make even the bravest of people to shed a tear, thinking of his situation! His acting through out the movie, is simply superb and he is sure to win another national award for this movie! Kudos to such a beautiful acting.


    This little girl, simply steals our hearts! A beautiful little girl, very bubbly, but cares for her dad soo much! Beautifully enacted, NILA, is the talk of the movie throughout and does justice to her role! She, shows in her little eyes, a whole lot of emotions, that make us feel proud of Krishna's upbringing.


    Anushka, a different role altogether! A lawyer, who fights hard to make sure, Krishna gets the guardianship of Nila! No glamourous dances, no romance, but still, she does get a place in our hearts!


    Santhanam, has proved, he could bring light hearted humour in such movies also! Well done Santhanam, You can make us laugh without your double meaning dialogues too! Hats off for a different effort!

    The other roles, like YG, Nazar, Baskar everyone has done their bit to perfection! The songs are melodious and soothing as well. No blood shed, No violence, its a very soothing, must watch!

    The REAL hero:

    Apart from mentioning, the main hero of the movie, VIKRAM, the realy hero, I would say, is the director of the movie. VIJAY! Hats off, for such a different movie with a different story line! Small nuances, such as, Nazar's mind change, Y. G's relation with his daughter, Vikram's decision at last, all have been so beautifully crafted, that makes this movie, stand different! It takes huge courage, to make movies of this sort, that have absolutely no masala, and I am sure, YOU HAVE SUCCEEDED! Hats off to your effort!

    Some movies make you think of it for sometime, Some make you talk about it for some days, Very few movies, make you cry and think of it for days together, leaving an unexplainable scar in you, Deivathirumagal is one such movie! Words may fall less to appreciate this movie!

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    Why did Bhanu marry Krisna ,knowing he was mentally challenged ? Persnly Feel that this Part wasnt explained wll in The fil ,Nebody knows ?

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