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Thread: Which company mobile is best?

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    Nokia is better than Samsung but Sony is also very good company.

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    both are good, nokia is know from many years and samsung just from few both companies are given the best mobile with good features.but i will go with nokia.

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    I use Sony Ericsson and Nokia Mobile Company. So Nokia is better then any other mobile company. As the use of time extended battery, the handset robust, easy OS for ease of use, GPRS services easy to use. and the second song for the Sony Sound son Eric is better than any other moving company.

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    Nokia is one of the best mobile company as compared to Samsung. It has a lots of models from cheapest to costly for all income group. It has many different design, shape, features etc. that Samsung doesn't provides.

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    Default Nokia mobile service

    People are so confused which mobile is best because so many mobile phones are available in market but Nokia mobile phones are very oldest and best mobile company provider. People like his product because his network & sound quality are amazing for other mobile service.Nokia always lunch good quality products per year, so nokia is the best mobile phone service all over the world. People can trust on his mobile service and take benefit on affordable manner.

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    I think that blackberry Mobile company is best.. I m using the double torch Blackberry mobile. I Like it.

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    I think Nokia is the best company for the mobile.Nokia company famous for his best Nokia models and phones battery.Nokia phone battery live long time and we can easily use this mobile.

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    People like this product, because of his lunch, networking and sound quality is always high-quality products, every year for the other mobile service.Nokia amazing, so Nokia's mobile phone service around the world is the best.

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    I think Nokia is the best mobile phone company. There are a lot of different kind of phones available in the market. I have Nokia X2-01 cell phone. It comes with a lots of great characteristics. I can't get any problem with this phone. Nokia's all cell phone has many facilities.

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    Samsung is best mobile company. It provides best battery back up in all it's mobiles. Samsung mobiles have also tough body. It provides great user experience.

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