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Thread: When will the Online Scammers be sent to Jail?

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    Angry When will the Online Scammers be sent to Jail?

    I wonder many times seeing the present scenario of scams and scamsters on Internet, why are not some people sent to jail to teach these bunch of cheats some good lesson !!!
    I am not talking about worldwide scamming, I know it becomes difficult trans-boundaries to nab the culprit but what is wrong to nab so many of the Indian scammers here that have laid zillions of well-laid traps. Are we waiting for the day when there won't be any other honest site left on Internet except these scammers?
    According to my personal opinion this is a state of total cyber lawlessness as law is meant to protect the innocent and punish the guilty and here the guilty is no big fish like the political scams. It is simply the lack of willingness to act from those who can.

    I was doing a search on Google sometime ago about online earning sites, as I do at times and get good results at times and I found the search pages flooded with bogus advertisements of rank scam sites. I went to the sites and from the looks of the sites it appears that it has become a sort of 'scamming trend' by now. Well it appears much easier than earning money the hard way on Internet.

    What it appears that for scamming people you just need to make a few tools available. A bogus site, a bogus plan, known techniques that work like Data Entry, Form filling, Adposting, etc., words enticing people like earn Rs15000-Rs20000 per month, some fake proofs, lots of advertising, using SEO techniques and keywords to come up on searches and that's it. Reap your scam money smiling to your bank account. The scammer might give a few payments in the beginning also to cheat more people as the word spreads.

    Those who are online for sometime know these people but as Internet grows more new people come online almost everyday and get caught in the trap laid by these criminals.

    It is time we raise our voice against such nonsense waste of public money to fill the never-ending lust of a filthy scammer. We should not take it for granted anymore. Write about it in forums, blogs, articles, facebook, any place you like but please don't look away.

    I think in such a good forum also we can create a section to expose the scam sites. It is my earnest suggestion.

    It is time to put an end to the ongoing rampant loot of hard-earned money via scamming means on Internet and that long process will only begin to happen when we shout out in one voice and say that 'enough is enough, we won't tolerate anymore scam or scammer'. I believe that strongly.

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    Your views are fine. But our national policy
    and police attitude is different. So it is in vain.
    Need some changes at upper level.

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