Google, the name which has rocked in the IT market. Googe is providing many services to its prospective clients.

1 ) Google Adwords : - Google represents our websites links to its directories and in SEO and it advertise our company's websites based on pay per clicks. The customer has to define his package for the pay per click. He has to fixed the target for an amount which he has to pay to the Google, when customer clicks his website links.It's a paid service and it is very minimal in costs.

2 ) Google Websites :- One can develop his own website totally free of costs under Google which is available at Google's home page. But his domain name will have google name in it.
The catch here only it would be that his website would be free and SEO friendly.

3 ) Google ASdsense :- One can make revenue from Google by advertising Google ads in his website. When a vistor in his wesite clicks the link (Google Links), he would generate the income as specified by the owner of Google Adwords. The main disadvantage here is normally you see the advertisement of your competitors which otherwise would not be advisable by any webowners.

4 ) Google Blogs :- One can create their own blog under Googe named as blogger which is available total free of costs at Blog is to write the article on a particular subject, as for instance If one is a shareholder he can write everyday in his blog the prices of the scripts, the sentiments of the markets, news of the company etc. His news will only be read as afar as how his blog is popular.

5 ) Google Toolbar :- It is a handy tool for everyone to use. You can install the toolbar in your browserand it is displayed under the browser navigation bar. The toolbar includes search bar, with search suggestions, a provision to add custom buttons and also one can add bookmarks.

6 ) Google Suggest :- This toolbar is there in front of you when you opened google home page. When you type any search words in search box, the drop down box of search box represents the likely search to narrow your searches. As for eg when you type the word Choclates the google suggest words in the drop down menu would be (Assorted Chocolates, Milk Chocolates, Dark Chocolates etc and etc.

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