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    Thumbs up Pavan Motors in Chennai

    I had the sun control film installed by Pavan motors today. This is an excellent shop for sun control film and car stereos in Chennai. I highly recommend this place.

    Owner of the shop is different from many other shops in India. This gentleman actually smiles and invites you into the shop. He doesn't frown upon you!

    The shop is located at 10, Woods Road (off G.P. Road), Chennai - 2. Telephone is 28604258, 42159043.

    you see, entire G.P. Road, Chennai is famous for sun control film shops. Most of these shops hired small boys to stop the cars and lure the car drivers/owners into their shops. Don't fall for any of these boys, you will get cheated 100% of the time.

    What I did is simple, I took my bike and visited most of the shops in GP road and woods road. I checked the prices of each service, I checked the attitude of the people working there. Then, I found Pavan motor guys. If you take the car and shop around in GP road, you will be screwed. Take a bike or bus, do some research then choose the shop.

    For me, Pavan motors worked out just fine. I highly recommend this place for anyone that is looking for sun control film or car accessories.

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    This place is amazing for sure. I had been there for my car accessories. I need to assemble my car , pavan motors services are really good. They provide better and reliable services.

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