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Thread: Tamarind is really sour!!

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    Angry Tamarind is really sour!!

    After onions, it is the turn of Tamarind ...Onions made us cry and now tamarind makes us feel sour...

    Tamarind is an essential ingredient in our South Indian dishes and the price has been steadily increasing during the past one and a half years. It was about Rs.35 to 40 a Kilo and now the best quality is now somewhere between Rs140 to Rs150 a Kg. It has never been so high in the last five years.

    The reasons given by traders are that production has fallen down as traders find it expensive to process the tamarind (removing the kernel, shell etc) and they feel growing other crops are more profitable than tamarind. Low yield which is attributed to usage of chemical fertilizers is also given as a reason for the price rise.

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    Rise in vegetable can also be seen in 2013. The government is doing nothing they just sitting and watching common people cry.

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