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Thread: Bodhidharma - Tamil or not?

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    Question Bodhidharma - Tamil or not?

    All tamilians are proud of Bodhidharma's legend. Some idiots dont like the fact. These cowards are putting posters all over chennai claiming that Bodhidharma is not tamil.

    The poster says "director murugadoss says tamilians will be proud and feel 'thimir' after seeing 7-aum arivu movie. Would tamilians feel arrogant for everything?". the poster is signed by "nagar senai".

    Whoever put up the poster are arrogant and strongly believed that they can get away cursing Tamilians in tamilnadu. Can you put a poster cursing marathis in Mumbai? The poster doesnt say who is bodhidharma if he is not tamil. poster doesnt discuss about his origin. It just want to say he is not tamil. Who are these 'nagar senai' idiots?

    TN govt should investigate this and punish the printing press idiots that printed these posters.

    If you are curious about if Bodhidharma is tamil or not, check

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    Smile Bodhidharma WAS a tamilian of a mixed origin

    According to the early formation of the Pallava dynasty, it is historical, recorded truth that the pallava dynasty was formed with the alliance of the cholas and the nakas [a relatively small snake-worshipping royal dynasty in the jaffna penninsula. H. Parker, a British historian and author of "Ancient Ceylon" considers the Nāka to be an offshoot of the Nayars of Kerala. But this is a contentious issue, for there are no pure nayars or pure any caste in india. the reason they migrated there was already a fact that there was some kind of intermingling with the Tamils. so for all reasons, the nagas ARE, infact, snake workshipping Tamils who had some nayar intermingling. so for all the right reasons and the wrong reasons, Bodhidharma IS a Tamilian. Let the nagas go to hell. Even if we do the DNA test the tamil gene will be the dominant one. Hence, the naga guys or any others claiming that Bodhidharma was not a Tamilians are exposing their ignorance and thereby are excluded from the the most intelligent of the ancient peoples.

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    Default Bodhidharma - Tamil or not?

    away from chennai I heard about THE POSTER commeting tamilans. We came to know about DA MO only after the film release. But researches have been conducted long before the film release. we can't assure that whether he is a tamilan or other from the weak facts. But the fact is he is an INDIAN.WE SHOULD BE PROUD OF IT. EVERYONE SHOULD BE PROUD OF IT. leave away the nagar senai. There live negative critics everywhere. EVERYWHERE IN HISTORY TOO. however they strengths the fact a much!

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    I was born in Sri Lankan and first came to know about Bhodhidharma in a book call,
    “Bouththamum Thamilum” (This is a Tamil book. and the meaning is Buddhists and Tamil)
    I read this, some time 20 years ago. I studied Buddhism as a subject for about 10 years and practiced meditation methods under various monks and teachers.

    In that book, I learned that Bhodhidharma is from Tamilnadu.Also after the invention of internet, once in a while I searched about Bhodhidharma and all the websites are saying he is from Tamilnadu.But devar sena is trying to go against those statements now after 7am arivu was released. I’m wondering why devar sena didn’t go against those web sites saying about Bhodhidharma before. May be when we watched the movie, it is more establishing him as a Tamilian and devar sena can’t tolerate about this, out of racism and jealousy.

    Palavers are Tamils as well. If some one is saying they are from Andhra on Kannada, then again, those peoples origin is Tamil. Tamil was the dominating language in south India those days and Tamil intellectuals are more intelligent since the old time. Many of the siddhars including pathanjaly are said to be a Tamilian.Adi shankara, Ramanujar all are a powerful forces in Indian religion. Same way Bhodidharma is a Buddhist with a knowledge of yoga and Vedic wisdom and he found ultimate experience in Buddhism and Hinduism is the same (experiencing cosmos, god, nirwana, moksha, end of rebirth all same).So, Bhodidharma created Zen by combining Hinduism and Buddhism. This knowledge can be only created by someone who knows the real wisdom in both. Iranians or Persians have no knowledge about yogic wisdom to the extend of the Tamils. So everything mostly proves, he is from India and more over south India. And then again more researches and arguments are concluding that he is from Kanchipuram.

    Kanchipuram is Tamil land. Pallavas are Tamilians as well. So then the Bhodhidharma is a Tamilian as well. Why doubt on this?

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    Default history of early tamil nadu

    As far as my research goes till 5th century the dominant religion in south india was Jainism and its sister Buddhism. The principle theme of these religion was that there is no god and only a supreme creator. Even early writings in tamil like tirukural, Kundalakesi, Selapithikaram doesn't mention any religious festivals. The arrival of bakthi movement brought in the hindu religion, its class distinctions, and started destroying entire evidence of other culture. We can say 5th to 12th century were the dark ages where hinduism steeled away some of our culture including temples, and destroyed the rest.
    As far as Nayar clan is concerned they never embrased jainism or buddhism. they were worshipers of Kaavus and these are the people who colluded with the Ariyan invaders from north. In order to serve them better they switched over to Marumakkal valli of inheritance. Even today they follow the same system. So Nayyar sena are bast eds who traded flesh to keep themselves in the social order.

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    Default Bodhidharma---originnaly a pallava prince

    bodhidharma belongs to pallava dynasty there is no compramise. but pallavas were tamils are not i dont know. bodhidharma is the third son of great pallava king skandavarman(sugandan). his other elders were come to known that nandhivarma pallava and vishnugopan.

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    Default bodhidarma

    pallavas spoke tamil those days you know even tirupathi which is in andhra pradesh has tamil script writings on the wall. all the languages in south india came from tamil only.. Sanskrit and tamil is said to be the most ancient languages in these world. Hinduism has no origin. Whoever is telling that bodhidarma is not a tamilian is an idiot. Bhodhidharma got converted to buddism thats all.The martial arts in which now china is the leader was taught to them by an indian. be proud. bcos he is a tamilian dont just deny his talents. not only in this matter even our near states like andhra, karnataka and kerala dont accept that tamilians are talented. they deny every help that can be extended. shame on u people. vandharai vazhavaikum tamilnadu. dont take the credit which is not urs. we are all indians. If we are proud for anything done from india we all should be proud. never be silent tamil people. ungala yaravdhu adicha thirupi adinga. tamil vazhga

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    Angry About bodhi dharma

    We are youngster we can get back bodhidharma ? Like his braveness / talent / medicine. We just try.i simply say do a small on every day will get lot of we don't want to "beg" from others.

    "because we are indian"


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    Boddhidharma may or may not be a Tamilian, but one thing is sure. He was surely an Indian. And if we Indians could slightly broaden our horizons and perspectives to include the entire nation as our own (as opposed to Tamil, or Marathi, or Punjabi), it would be a tribute to our secular and democratic country. And by taking pride in anything Indian, we are only increasing the number of times that we can feel proud. Gandhi was from Gujarat, Tilak was from Maharashtra, Rajgopalchari was from Tamil Nadu, Vivekananda and Rabindranath Tagore were from Bengal...and so on and so forth. Why not take pride in Boddhidharma being Indian, instead of splitting hairs over Tamil or non-Tamil?

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    Default feedback

    Murugadas message was cleare to all Tamil People, and video message from Our Hero Suriya is very clear, every one should watch this movie, again tiger will get up,

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