All tamilians are proud of Bodhidharma's legend. Some idiots dont like the fact. These cowards are putting posters all over chennai claiming that Bodhidharma is not tamil.

The poster says "director murugadoss says tamilians will be proud and feel 'thimir' after seeing 7-aum arivu movie. Would tamilians feel arrogant for everything?". the poster is signed by "nagar senai".

Whoever put up the poster are arrogant and strongly believed that they can get away cursing Tamilians in tamilnadu. Can you put a poster cursing marathis in Mumbai? The poster doesnt say who is bodhidharma if he is not tamil. poster doesnt discuss about his origin. It just want to say he is not tamil. Who are these 'nagar senai' idiots?

TN govt should investigate this and punish the printing press idiots that printed these posters.

If you are curious about if Bodhidharma is tamil or not, check