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Thread: A big Slap to the face of Indian Politics!

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    It was definitely a very shocking news all over the country, that a senior politician, Mr. Pawar was slapped by a youth Mr.Harvinder! The
    young man, was outrageous, uncontrollable, but gathered courage to do this act, inspite of knowing, his future has now been curbed by the big shots in this country!

    As much as dis respcting a government servant in public is to be condemned, Lets ponder the reason, that made this young man, go out

    Its the disparity that this country has put the common man into! If a common man, gets wild over the corruption and shows his anger in
    public, he is being treated like a terrorist..but a terrorist, who created a great havoc three years back, who was responsible for the
    26/11 Mumbai incident, killing so many being treated like a royal king inside the jails!

    If a common man, steals Rs. 100 to fulfill his hunger, he is beaten black and blue, looked down worse than a worm, but If the bureaucratic society, steals crores and crores of our money, we only have to sit and watch them, undergoing trial for the rest of their lives and given royal treatment till the end of their life!

    The common man, does not pay his telephone bill, his line is cut, but the politician's outstanding telephone bills amount up to more than 1.5 crores! No actions are taken?? They are infact given more telephone lines!

    The list goes on and on and on....I am sure, nothing is gonna change the Indian politics or the Indian politicians, but I believe, everything needs a start! This incident is just enough, to show, that the common man, is no more common in this country! There are some people, who can do the most uncommon things and get things right! We have had already one of the greatest movements by Anna Hazare, wake us up...Now, all that the nation requires is more of student force, to show the politicians, their way!

    We are living in the world's largest democracy, where democracy is only on papers! Mera Bharat Mahan....only in words!
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    We have different set rules for different people and that is our problem. If a person has taken bribe of few hundred or thousand rupees, he is being caught even after retirement but people who ate crores or rupees during CWG are free and roaming wild waiting to have another go!

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    Good Boss, Indeed you have posts a nice subject. But we Indians are very poor in confronting the opponents. The reasons are many like Busy life, Haasles, problems and moreover no courage.

    Thanks & Regards
    Khozem Sahiwala

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