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Thread: Lokpal War: Why we are losing it.

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    Exclamation Lokpal War: Why we are losing it.

    It's almost 6-8 months now. And the battle for Lokpal bill is still on. As i was switching between news channels today, the one thing that each and every news channel was flashing beneath Anna's video was the fact that the turnout for the rally was minimal. A few hundreds. Nothing compared to the thousands and thousands protesters that came last time.

    I really feel very sad. I see the same pattern every time the people of India stand up for something. I myself don't feel the same way about the movement like i used to do in the beginning. It is just too messy right now. But that's what the government wants me to think.

    The government exactly knows how to tackle such uprisings which are against its interest.
    Step 1 :
    As the uprising is sudden, the government tries to delay making a decision as much as possible. It will hide behind excuses such as deliberation and procedures.
    Usually 6 months.

    Step 2:
    It will try to complicate issues. It will reason unreasonably. Its will put forward arguments which you won't be able to reply; not because they are perfect in persuasion but because they just don't make any sense.
    The government will fable flaws in the people who stand against it. It will dissolve the real issue and focus on the opposition.

    Step 3:
    Pass in LS. Forget the RS.
    Remember what happened to the woman reservation bill? It had the same fervour that the Lokpal bill has right now. It got passed in the LS but people forgot about it. It still hasn't passed the RS.

    We as citizens need to be very careful.
    We should know the difference between the Lokpal bill the government wants and the Jan Lokpal bill.
    We should not forget what the movement started for and be ready to fight for it till the end. Be it 6 months or 6 years, the enthusiasm shouldn't get less.
    If we cannot attend the rally, we should follow it very closely on TV or the Internet.
    We all are extremely intelligent, but we need to be smart collectively too.

    The government shouldn't think that it can confuse us and get away as if we are children.

    We know what we want, and yes we will get it.

    Jai Ho. Happy New Year.

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    Great writeup.. I sincerely hope Anna Hazare and all of us succeed at the end. It's too bad that even thackerey like guys are making fun of Anna Hazare now. Time will tell..

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