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Thread: Does Java support copy constructor?

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    Default Does Java support copy constructor?

    Hey guy's tell me Does Java support copy constructor?

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    No. Java does not support copy constructor.

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    No, Java does not support copy constructor. The copy constructor is one type of the constructor which works for copy of any existing object. This can supports in C++ programming language but not into JAVA programming. So, Java can not support Copy Constructor.
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    There is such a thing as a copy constructor in Java, but it
    does not play the special role that such constructors do in
    C++. A copy constructor in Java is just like any other
    constructor: you call it with new.

    public class A {
    private int x;

    public A(int x) { this.x = v; }
    public A(A that) { this.x = that.x; }

    A a1 = new A(5);
    A a2;
    a2 = new A(a1);

    There are no assignment constructors, or anything much
    like them, in Java. That is because Java does not
    have operator overloading. The assignment operation
    (=) is always a shallow assignment, or scalar assignment
    if you prefer, and you NEVER have to doubt that. I've
    gotten in plenty of trouble with C++ code that used fancy
    copy constructors and overloaded assignment operators!

    Java does have the notion of a clone (copy) method. Any
    object can support the clone() method; by convention the
    method implementation is supposed to perform a deep copy
    of the object on which it is called, and return the copy.
    Of course, there are difficulties with that, too.

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    According to me java doesn't support copy constructor. The copy constructor is an integral part of C++, since it instantly makes a regional copy of an item. It performs excellent in C++.

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