My husband is a US Citizen, born in Texas, active duty in the Navy. He was stationed in Bahrain. He has been informed that he has a 1 year old daughter in Ethiopia, by a woman he met in Bahrain. He has offered to bring the child to the US to raise but the mother refused.The mother has agreed to a DNA test and US Citizenship for the child. The mother of the child has gone back to Bahrain to work and left his daughter in the care of family in Ethiopia, she visits about twice a year. Our question is: Once paternity has been established and the child is a US Citizen, if he fought for custody of the child or visitation (the child coming to the US) is there a chance he would win and if so could this even be enforced? It seems pointless to enter a custody battle if there is no way to enforce the judge's ruling. Any advice would be appreciated.