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Thread: [पाणिनी कीपैड]Typing in Tamil,Gujarati,Malayalam & Indian languages now become easier

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    Smile [पाणिनी कीपैड]Typing in Tamil,Gujarati,Malayalam & Indian languages now become easier

    Typing in Regional languages of India on digital devices always a barrier.if we want to type something we are using Multitaps(means pressing the same key 6-8 times to type a character), QWERTY keypad or English as substitute language.
    these approaches are time taking and painful for thumb also. recently i have been through a new Texting technology called "PaniniKeypad" that allow users to type in Hindi, Bengali/Bangla, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam & Punjabi/Panjabi on your existing phone without changing keypad.
    Its light weight,dictionary less, statistical predictive texting based approach towards typing.
    The mobile penetration in India is quite high, there are majority of people, who don't know English. in that terms PaniniKeypad will be good solution to communicate in your own language. PaniniKeypad also offers transliteration feature means a people can type something in Tamil and converted in Gujarati and send it to friends.

    How to type:

    The usability of PaniniKeypad is quite easy.

    • Look for your character on screen and press the indicated numeric button from keypad. if its a touch phone, then directly go for touch.
    • Press Next List button, for explore more characters on screen.
    • To put space between words single press "0" buttons and to make Purnavirama press twice the "0" button.

    In writing system of indian languages, people are using half letters,Juktakshars, conjunct characters, vothulu or Kootaksharm. with using PaniniKeypad you can make these characters quite easily.
    Put Halant akshar , Ref,virama or Chandrakla character in between the consonants then these conjunct characters will form automatically.

    Examples that help you:

    • ভয়ঙ্কর = ভ + য় + ঙ + + ক + র (Bangla)
    • পরিক্ষা = প + র + ি + ক + + ষ + া
    • ஸ்ரீலங்கா =ஸ++ர+ீ+ல+ங++க+ா (Tamil)
    • பக்ஷி =ப+க++ஷ+ி
    • शिक्षक= श+ि+क++ष+क (Hindi)
    • विज्ञान= व+ि+ज++ञ+ा+न
    • ശ്രദ്ധ = ശ++ര+ദ++ധ (Malayalam)
    • ക്ഷേത്രം = ക++ഷ+േ+ത++ര+ം
    • પ્રસિધ્ધ= પ++ર+સ+િ+++ધ (Gujarati)
    • ટ્રેન= ટ++ર+ે+ન

    In some languages, when you put the dependent vowel on consonants, it will appear before it. There are proper color scheme in PaniniKeypad, so vowel, consonants and dependent vowels can easily identified.

    PaniniKeypad technology have been made for all existing platform java, symbian, android or iPhone. so just try it and impress your loved ones to send a text in your regional language......
    Your phone must have languages fonts, otherwise shows SQUARE/BLANK boxes.

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    Hi friends,
    many of my friends are using PaniniKeypad application, and they are facing one issue like language fonts are not present in their phone. that's why when they type something it showing SQUARE/BLANK boxes.
    The reason is that language font is not present in phone. in java mobiles user can't install fonts, but in Android its possible.
    recently Samsung released it firmware upgrade v2.3.6 for Galaxy S2 phone. which contains the support of all Indian languages. so user can read blogs, newspapers & write emails, text messages, SMS,jokes, chating, social networking etc in regional languages...
    so upgrade your android phone and grab this benifit........

    Before buying any phone, try to ensure that your languages are present inside it....
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    Very Exciting news for all Bangla lovers. PaniniKeypad is now come up with Airtel Bangladesh. wow! Airtel Bangladesh launches Bangla Keypad (PaniniKeypad) on the occasion of Bangladesh Language Mother Day. Its a wonderful gift for users to communicate in their languages and to preserve the culture & tradition.
    Airtel Bangladesh users can download Bangla Keypad or Bangla PaniniKeypad from their mobile phones directly in Airtel app store. and user can subscribe it either for one day or more as per requirement. so now Bangladesh users can enjoy typing in Bangla on their phone and send messages, email, chat, FB, twitter, blogging etc all in Bangla.
    users can download it by typing “Bangla” and send it to 4321.
    so enjoy the typing in your mother language.........!

    *Only Unicode supported handsets can use this software, according to the statement.

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    I used this Panini Keypad before on my symbian s60 v3 phone. and its worked great, its very helpful when some person who you want to message and he/she can't read English that you can type message in your language and can easily send to that person by using this Panini Keypad.

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    Hi Rassor,
    yeah its really an awesome app for typing sms in Hindi & other Indian languages. specially those who wants to type in their language but there is no way, so PaniniKeypad is a easiest way of typing on phone.
    Recently its notices that PaniniKeypad is available for the E-series and Qwerty phones like Nokia E62,71,C3-00,X2-01,Nokia asha series etc. people can enjoy the typing experience on these qwerty phone by pressing the numeric button on keypad.

    To activate the numeric keypad you need to press twice the functional button on the bottom left corner of the phone. then the keypad will active and you can enjoy typing in your native languages using PaniniKeypad.

    Download Here: Latest version available on PaniniKeypad, Getjar, Mobile9, Mobikwik etc.

    Get the latest updates of PaniniKeypad from FaceBook page.

    Express your thoughts & exchange your emotions in your own languages with PaniniKeypad.

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    I use "pramukh typepad" software to write in gujarati, it has 9 indian languages available.

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