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Thread: How much would it cost to construct a house in Chennai?

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    Question How much would it cost to construct a house in Chennai?

    I am planning to construct a house. Total area including stairwell is roughly 3700 sq. ft. There is a 1000 sq. ft car parking area in the front on the ground floor.

    I plan to get ..RCC framework, Indian cement, Tata Steel rods, marble tiles, teakwood for door frames/windows etc. and good quality paint for interior and exteriors. How much should I pay per sq. ft for a project like this? Should I depend on contractor to do this? can I do it on my own? how much I would save if I dont hire a contractor?


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    it would cost you around 20 L

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    As lenny802 said, it would cost you around 20 lakh rs. Bricks price are shooting nowadays, so better start your work immediately. In case if you want to get the reasonable vendors you can contact property management companies who can help you. My Suggestion would be MyRightHand, they would be able to help you with all vendor queries. Try contacting them through their website wwwdotmyrighthanddotcom. Hope this helps you.

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