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    Does violence in movies affect the minds of viewers and influence them to commit serious crimes? The answer seems to be “yes” when one reads the news happening now-a-days…

    In a shocking incident in Chennai, a 15 year boy studying in the ninth standard, killed his class teacher in a fit of anger and rage. It seems that the teacher had been chiding the boy for his poor performance in studies and had reported the matter to his parents several times. This annoyed him so much that he came to school earlier than his usual time and waited for the teacher in the classroom. When she entered, he stabbed her with a knife on her neck not once or twice but more than seven times and that too in front of his peer group. This happened in a school called St. Mary’s Higher Secondary school in Parrys .

    All the students, staff and parents are stunned by this incident. The lady teacher, Mrs. Uma succumbed on the spot. The boy who has been sent to a jail for kids has said that he got the thought of murdering the teacher after watching a movie. Isn’t this horrifying? According to the students, the teacher was a very soft spoken lady who was interested in her students’ welfare.

    Decades ago, we had read in papers that a guy named Jayakumar had murdered a family of seven or eight after watching a popular Tamil movie, “Nooraavadhu Naal” (hundredth day) which introduced the actor Sathyaraj as a villain with a tonsured head who kills young women.

    Many of us do watch such movies. But all of us are not “inspired” or “influenced” to commit such crimes. The mental disorder in some people makes them do such weird and horrifying acts.

    It is indeed very shocking to see youngsters becoming criminals and committing heinous crimes so easily now- a- days. These people need counseling so that they do not give vent to their anger in such brutal methods.

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    Well, it depends upon person to person. There are peoples who get very much influenced by the documentaries, mythological movies, stills and shorts and eradicate their ill habits of smoking, drinking, gambling and diets etc and etc.
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    Yes, kfsahiwala. there may be instances of people turning to good habits on seeing docu dramas, mythological movies etc. But this is very rare and happens somewhere, sometime. we hardly hear or read about such good things.

    Whereas, the negative influence of movies on youngsters seems to be greater and we hear more about people committing crimes or suicides due to love failure, or failure in exams, or murdering for personal gain or revenge etc.

    Violence and bloodshed are shown in most of the movies now a days. When you compare them with those taken decades ago, the scenes are more violent and gory. Hence there are chances of the impact being greater on the minds of the viewers.

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