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Thread: How to make the world a better place of living for all

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    Exclamation How to make the world a better place of living for all

    Life is a challenge for everybody around the world and it has always been so. With changing times new challenges and obstacles arise before us that appears daunting at times. Many of us get dismayed by such testing and draining challenges while others get more spirit to fight out of it. This has always been the story even though the challenges that are right in front of us seem to overwhelm us many-a-times. What has changed I believe though is the human perspective in all of it. Despite the world coming at our doorstep through technology we have become more apathetic in general to human suffering. It’s like a routine affair unless it concerns us directly. Even though there are lots of people in the world who think and act otherwise, but it’s arguably the sad truth!

    Still apathy doesn’t take away anyone’s misery; it only makes them feeling more lost, unable to relate to their own challenges in life. The outcome is a dysfunctional society of roaming islands lost in their battles of ego, pettiness, helplessness and sufferings rather than reaching out to one another with a noble heart. Hence a host of newer challenges like depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction, criminality, etc. arise out of it to make the average life of people and society more troublesome. Therefore I feel human apathy is like a vicious cycle that entangles many people with their self-created monsters generating out of an apathetic heart!

    Therefore we need to be empathetic not only for the betterment of the world but also for our own personal well-being as well. Just thinking about the challenges people face now-a-days in life it is very difficult to narrow it down to a few. Even though challenges in life happens to be an individual thing at most times, but if we were to generalize it in a national context then still there would be a host of different kinds of challenges. For example, in a relatively poorer nation meeting the basic needs of life is at most times a humongous challenge for the average inhabitant. On the other hand the common people of a developed country face totally contrasting challenges ranging from job insecurity to inflation and to even recession also. To fester along with such common challenges there are a host of challenges of a different kind based on the socio-economic factors of a country that vary from discrimination due to caste, creed, religion, race, ethnicity, sex or social status.

    Hence it is very much evident that the life of an average individual anywhere in the world is fraught with various kinds of troubles and if anyone’s personal troubles add to it then it gets even tougher. There is a famous adage that says, ‘When the going gets tough, the tough gets going’ and certain people thrive exactly under such difficult circumstances but it also is to be noted that it wears down many people. When people are generally overwhelmed by challenges then they look for an escape route and at most times it is a negative one. Thus if they last to see the next daylight then their life gets even more miserable because of the ways they decide to relate to their problems. It is a global phenomenon and with the increase in the world population it is going to escalate by the day till it reaches a breaking point.

    So I feel instead of focusing on the problems only if we were to search for solutions on a global scale then we all have to become more empathetic towards one another, no matter where we reside. That will make us humble and help us in meeting our own challenges in life with humility, a necessary virtue that is required to assess a troublesome situation properly and look for the necessary pro-active actions. If the human sufferings happening somewhere else doesn’t pain our hearts then how would we be able to reach out to others? We would then remain trapped in our claustrophobic world of problems, searching for a way out in futile. Thus if we were to make the world a better place of living for every human being then we should visualize ourselves as global citizens with a heart filled with empathy for others!
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