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Thread: Memoirs of my journey in Digital Bhoomi...

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    Smile Memoirs of my journey in Digital Bhoomi...

    Four years ago, on the 25th February, 2008, my browsing led me to a Forum called Digital Bhoomi. When I joined it, I never thought that my association with the site was going to be a long and strong one. At first I began expressing my views through posts on threads written by other members. Very soon I also started to write threads. I became enthusiastic by my interaction with other friends on topics of common interest and my contributions to the Forum as a writer became regular.

    Digital Bhoomi became a platform for me to share my views and experiences with members who became good friends in the process. I also learned many new things from other members. The Forum helped me to think more on various topics I read about or hear or see in life. This led me to create new threads and discussions in the Forum.

    I never feel bored to reiterate the fact that Digital Bhoomi is a spam free site and it is a Forum which has an Administrator who is very prompt in his replies to our queries and who listens to our suggestions, feedbacks and complaints and takes immediate action. I have realized this through my personal experience on numerous occasions in these four years.

    Another fact is everyone likes to be recognized, appreciated and rewarded for his/her efforts. Such recognitions and appreciation are given here through the monthly contests and cash awards. I have not heard of or seen any other site which holds monthly contests and honors the members with cash prizes. I am very happy to be one among such proud members who have won the contests several times.

    Innovative ideas by members, like holding a Super Singer contest, creating referral banners for the Forum, remodeling the index page, adding new sections for topics like movie reviews, recipes etc. have all been implemented by the Admin and his team of moderators very well.

    The singing contest made us listen to one another’s voice and gave many of us an opportunity to reveal our talent.

    A contest was specially held for the Independence Day and a few of us were able to express our views on our great nation. Our friend Jiths was the winner while the Forum honored the other participants by publishing their articles.

    Many of our friends created new banners for our forum and we posted them in our Blogs in order to promote our Forum as well as to introduce new members. All these things were possible only because of the support of our Admin and the team spirit of our members. I am really very proud to have been a part of such a wonderful team of friends…

    We all know that “slow and steady wins the race”. My regular contributions in this Forum Digital Bhoomi, have won me the honor of being one of the top posters as well as thread starters and referrers.

    This has helped me gain more points which are also rewarded, as you know. I request all our fellow DBians also to write one or two posts or thread a day and move forward to win similar honor and rewards in the days to come.

    A section called “featured member” was created by the Admin and active members were introduced as featured members. I am happy to have been one among them.

    While stepping into the fifth year in Digital Bhoomi, I thank all my friends and fellow DBians, the Admin and the moderators for sharing their valuable views, suggestions, and interactions which have enhanced my little knowledge and given me immense happiness and pleasure.

    DEAR FRIENDS AND FELLOW DBians, I feel very happy to recall my wonderful memories and share them with you all on this fourth anniversary of my entry into Digital Bhoomi. KEEP ROCKING…


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    This is great! Thank you... I sincerely hope that the forum would be more interesting in the coming years.

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    Smile Amen...

    Quote Originally Posted by Administrator View Post
    I sincerely hope that the forum would be more interesting in the coming years.
    I too do, Ram...

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