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Thread: What programming/script languages do you know?

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    Default What programming/script languages do you know?

    Hey, give us a list of what you know of programming/script languages. Here is mine:

    C/C++, SQL (yes SELECT 1+1 works, so you can do programming in it), LUA, PHP, Python, Javascript some D (a good merge of C++ and Python), Makefile/autoconfig ,

    some C# and maybe some stuff I don't seem to remember.

    How about you?


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    I like the PHP language becuase this is my favourite scripting language. Web application build in PHP language is so easily and no need to require selected os. This script runs on different operating systems because it is open source programming language.

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    I Like PHP Language because it's a open source application and easy to use.

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    I have good knowledge of basic programming languages as C and C++. I also know with C# and Java script which works for website development and web designing. Java script is an interesting scripting language which makes web design live and effective.
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    i like PHP as scripting language. it is very easy and very powerful language

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    There are many programming languages like HTML, Java Script and PHP. HTML and PHP is my favorite languages. I always prefer to use these languages in websites design because both are well known and very easy to use. They have many features and techniques which will help to create wonderful websites.
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